10 Child Star Transformations That Will Make Your Jaw Drop…

Puberty = chaos.

You know it’s true. And even young Hollywood stars suffer from this awkward stage.

We all know that growing up is a complicated process. Imagine doing it in front of America.

Now, add in fame, power, money, drugs, and alcohol. It’s no wonder these little children changed so much.

Here are 10 Hollywood child stars with sometimes shocking transformations.


10. Still quirky… Dustin Diamond

Maybe you remember him as Samuel “Screech” Powers. He played this role in the famous TV show: “Saved by the Bell.”

This American actor and stand-up comedian grew up as a taller yet not so cute version of his younger self.

Trouble seems to follow him.

The actor got in a bar fight that ended with a man being stabbed. He faced a possible sentence of 10 years in prison for attempted murder. He got off easy. The jury found him guilty of only two misdemeanors.

He said his intention wasn’t to stab anyone but to defend his girlfriend in a fight.

Here’s an odd fact…

He surprised everyone with a fake “leaked” sex tape. No, I haven’t watched… yet.

But it seems it could have been worse for him. Like this next Hollywood star.


9. DJ and professional wrestler? Danny Bonaduce

This is why drugs and alcohol are dangerous.

Sweet and younger Danny Bonaduce was a famous child actor. He played the role of Danny Partridge on “The Partridge Family.”

This former actor is now a radio personality, comedian, DJ and professional wrestler, all-in-one.

Trouble seems to follow him.  He was a drug addict. Spent some time in jail. He even attempted suicide in the middle of his madness.

Thankfully, he’s ok.

Actually, now, he’s more famous for his countless personal scandals.

And yet, he’s not even the worst in our top 10 list.


8. Almost a  convicted murderer… Todd Bridges

He played the role of Willis Jackson in the famous television series “Different Strokes”.

At the age of 20, he battled an addiction to cocaine that sent him to jail.

The worst part… He was charged with the attempted murder of a drug dealer.

He’s had a hard life.


7. The Drama Queen… Lindsay Lohan

Who’s this lady? She seems kind of familiar… I’m kidding (I wish I wasn’t)…

We all know the famous Lindsay Lohan.

Wasn’t she adorable at 11-years-old when she starred in “The Parent Trap?”

Now she’s a train wreck… Rehab centers are her real home. This diva has been in and out more than 5 times.

Let’s face it, it’s a bit hard seeing her as a serious actress or singer.

Such a shame…


6. May the force be with…? Mark Hamill

What happened to our dear Luke Skywalker? We can’t recognize this famous “Star Wars” actor.

He suffered an unfortunate car accident during the filming of the “Star Was” trilogy. Even though doctors did miracles, it’s hard to see him the same way.

The good news is that he hasn’t stopped acting. While not starring in any action films, his voice has been everywhere.

See? At least one happy ending.


5. Just a half man… Angus T. Jones

Hey, Jake, what are you doing here? And who’s that hobo?

Oh, it turns out that the hobo is Angus T. Jones, known for his role as Jake Harper in the hit comedy “Two and a Half Men.”

You can see the difference. He went from cute to Robinson Crusoe.

At least, his personal life isn’t as bad as the others to come.


4. Promising actor… Haley Joel Osment

How many little “I see dead people” boys did this man eat?

I know, I know… That’s not fair.

We all remember the impressive acting skills of this young actor. His cuteness was only overcome by his talent.

That’s why the director M. Night Shyamalan chose him when he was 11 years old to play the role of his life. But those were different (and thinner) times…

He had a car crash. Was charged with a DUI and received a three-year probation. We’ll see if he still has his gift in his upcoming films.


3. Soon to be terminated… Edward Furlong

This child star debuted as John Connor in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.” But, this promising rising star led himself along a bad path.

Jail time, drugs, alcohol, rehabilitation, car crashing, and arrests for domestic violence.

He’s being keeping himself busy.

It isn’t a surprise why he’s our number three in the list. But wait until you see number one!


2. The troublemaker… Brian Bonsall

Two lip rings. Neck tattoos. Fancy, right?

At the age of 5, this child star played the role of Andrew Keaton in the TV show “Family Ties.” He was so cute.

In 1995, he retired from making movies.

That’s when his trouble with the law began.

One of the worst cases…

He hit his best friend in the head with a wooden stool, while the two were drinking. Bonsall said he didn’t remember the incident.


1. The winner… Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin is better known as Kevin McCallister.

Cuteness overload.

He was an energetic 8-year-old boy in the hysterical movie “Home Alone”, back in 1990. Due to the success of the film, it became an entire franchise.

Fame and money were a strong distraction.  He began working on what it seems to be his private project: “Drugs Alone”.


And there you go, 10 child stars that went from nice to “oh, God!” 

Let’s pray for better in the future… It’s all we can do.