12 Actors That Had To Forget About Their Sexual Orientation In Order To Play a Role…

Today, most people are open and proud about their sexuality.

The days where being gay in Hollywood was a one-way ticket to hiding in the closet are over.

The list of brave celebrities that embrace their sexuality is growing.

They’re free to live open lives with their partners… while enjoying successful careers.

The following 12 actors and actresses played straight roles. Yet all have been 100% open about their sexuality.


1. Big Bang Theory’s… Jim Parsons

We all know him as the lovable Sheldon Cooper. But… His real name is Jim Parsons.

He’s one of the lead actors in “The Big Bang Theory.” The hit show for more than 10 years now.

Rumors first began to surface at the Golden Globe Awards a few years ago. Jim thanked his partner Todd Spiewak.

The New York Times was first to spill the beans. Parsons made his relationship public during an interview.

Parsons chooses to keep his private life private. We all still love Sheldon the same.


2. Another Big Bang Theory Star… Sara Gilbert

We’ve seen and loved Sara Gilbert since 1988. She’s best known as Darlene on the sitcom “Roseanne.”

Now she’s the creator and co-host of “The Talk.”

We also saw her as Leslie Winkle, one of Sheldon’s arch-enemies in “The Big Bang Theory.”

She’s married to Linda Perry. Linda is the lead singer of a famous rock group named 4NonBlondes.

They had a private ceremony in Malibu. It took place a year after they revealed their love for each other.


3. Sex and The City Surprise – Cynthia Ellen Nixon

Cynthia Ellen Nixon is one of the main actresses in the television series and movies “Sex and the City.”

She won a Tony, a Grammy and an Emmy Award.

Nixon was married to Danny Mozes from 1988 to 2003. They had two children: Samantha and Charles. But later they divorced.

Here’s the twist…

Now she’s in a relationship with Christine Marinoni. They have been inseparable since they met.


4. The One and Only… Queen Latifah

For years, gay rumors followed Queen Latifah. The singer, songwriter, and actress finally spilled the beans.

The star of films like “Life Support”, “Chicago” or “Last Holiday,” came out of the closet in 2012.

Today she’s happy, but the process wasn’t easy.  The Queen is a big defender of LGBT causes.

There’s no doubt she’s an awesome catch for any girl!


5. T.V. Star … Matt Bomer

I’m sorry about this girls! You know heart-throb Matt Bomer from his hit T.V. Shows.

You first met him on the hit Soap…Guiding Light in 2001.

Then fell in love with him on popular shows like White Collar.  Soon, women from around the world were falling in love with him.

A few years ago, we started to learn more about his personal life. He saddened women everywhere when he admitted he was gay.

Currently, he has three children with his partner Simon Halls.


6. Glee Star… Jonathan Groff

He came to fame with his character, Jesse St. James, in the television series “Glee.”

The actor Jonathan Groff is “the gay icon of the new century”, according to Scene Magazine.

Here’s a bit of gossip for you: In 2012, Groff reported having an affair with actor Zachary Quinto.

In July 2013 they announced their separation.


7. Spock is… really? Zachary Quinto

He’s known for his role as Sylar on “Heroes”.  And his most famous role as Spock in “Star Trek”.

The story of Jamey Rodemeyer moved him to become open. Jamey was a 14-year-old bisexual. Intense bullying caused him to commit suicide.

Quinto decided to take a stand so other boys would not suffer. He’s currently dating model Miles McMillan.


8. The Star of “American Horror Story”… Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson shared the screen with Zachary Quinto in “American Horror Story”.

Now she’s known as one of the hottest actresses of the moment.

She also starred in “American Crime Story”. A story focused on the trial of OJ Simpson. But Sarah Paulson is not only happy on TV.

She’s also happy with her life in the real world.

She currently draws more attention after hooking up with Holland Taylor.  Taylor is almost 30 years older than her!


9. Secret Agent Jack Bristow… Victor Garber

He’s been in some of the biggest films in the past four decades. From movies like “Titanic” and “Argo” to “Sleepless in Seattle”.

Victor Garber is a Canadian actor that gave life to secret agent Jack Bristow in the T.V series Alias.

He confessed to being gay.  He also revealed a 13 year relationship with the artist Rainer Andreesen.

He had talked about it in the media. The artist said his close friends knew about the relationship, which he had never denied.


10. Heartthrob… Jonathan Bennett

He’s the heartthrob of “Mean Girls”. He will always be Aaron Samuels, Cady’s (Lindsay Lohan) crush in “Mean Girls”.

He’s also known for his role in the movie, “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder Freshman Year.”

Here’s a surprise for you… Julianne Hough outed Jonathan during an Extra interview.


11. “The Cosby Show’s” Cute Little Girl… Raven Symone

We all know and love her as the cute little girl on “The Cosby Show.”

She played Olivia Kendall, the adorable little girl that we all wanted to babysit. At three years old she played little Olivia on “The Cosby Show.”

She also starred as Raven in “That’s So Raven.”

Ex-Disney actress Raven Symone admitted to being a lesbian.  She shows her support for the gay and lesbian causes.


12. Nightcrawler… Alan Cumming

X-Men’s Nightcrawler…

Also seen in hit T.V. shows like “The Good Wife” and movies like: X-Men 2, James Bond’s Golden Eye and Spy Kids.

Alan Cumming is a Scottish actor that actually has been with both men and women. He was even married for eight years to a woman.

Currently, he has a husband. Alan has received several awards, including GLAAD, for their struggle for LGBT rights.

Alan has always used bisexuality in clever ways. He gives his characters sexual ambiguity.

Great work, Alan.