14 Solutions To Every Day Doggy Problems…

Dog’s are human’s best friend. There’s no doubt about it!

They give us unconditional love, no matter what.

Sometimes we forget the fact that we can actually do some things to make our dog’s life even better!

Here are 14 doggy hacks that will help you become the best human your dog can ever have.


1. Dealing with a doggy emergency can be stressful. Your dog can’t tell you what’s wrong. Learning how to perform CPR to your dog can save its’ life.

This infographic shows you what to do in an emergency…

Click on the Image Credit to get the full picture.

2. Feed your dog a small amount of parsley to give him fresher breath.

He will appreciate it and so will you when he starts giving you fresh kisses.

3. Use a simple carabiner like the one they use in rock climbing to secure your dog’s leash.

Quick on or off. This is perfect, especially if you have a big dog.

4. Use a squeegee to remove the hair out of your carpets!

This works great. You can’t imagine how much dog hair is hiding in there…

5. Dogs are incredible expressive animals!

You just need to get familiarized with their body language…

Take a look at some specific movements that can let you know what your dog’s thinking…


6. Dogs have sensitive ears…

Protect your pet’s ear while taking a bath using a shower cap to cover their heads!

Besides they will look so cute!

7. If your dog gets loose and refuses to come back just lay down on the ground.

Dogs have strong emotions towards their owners (as you well know)…

They’ll come back running if they think you’re in danger. I tried this one and it works!


8. A great way to get rid of pee stains on your carpet is using baking soda…

Mix it with warm water and apply it on the stain.

Then, leave it to for a couple of minutes. Scrub with your brush and done!


9. Having some trouble brushing your dog’s teeth?  

Here’s a cool trick…

Add some doggie toothpaste on its’ favorite rope toy!

Your dog will bite it for hours. White teeth and fresh breath and they won’t even notice it!


10. Does your dog gobble up its’ food?

If your dog eats the food and the plate before you can even set it down then check this out…

To avoid choking and other hazards just put a ball in the middle of their plate. It makes them slow down and eat right amounts of food.

11. Some human foods are dangerous for your dog!

Be careful when you share a snack with them…

Tell others to pay attention to the snacks they might be sharing with their dogs!

12. If your dog goes missing, there are several things you can do to help him…

Just, take a piece of clothing or toy to the place where your dog was last seen. This will help by giving your dog a smell to follow to return home. You can also leave some water and a note asking people not to move the items!


13. On a hot summer day, spoil your dog by giving him a little treat!

Just freeze some chopped pieces of fruits like apples or peaches and feed them to your dogs…


14. If you and your dog are both party animals who want to be ready to rumble anytime, then this is for you.

Just add a bottle opener to your dog’s collar and carry the party with you wherever you both go!


Having a dog is just like having another family member… but a furry one! We hope these tips help you deal with some doggy problems and make your life more easy… and your dog’s!