17 Animal Bath Time Bloopers…!

We all know some animals don’t like water.

Mix water with animals and you never know what will happen.

That’s why these proud owners had their cameras ready.

These pets have a lot to say about bathtime.

I dare you not to laugh at number 17.



1. “Is this Heaven? If not, let me dream…”

This little guy is having the time of his life, at least until  the hot water runs out.

2. “I’m just waiting to go outside and get myself dirty again. It gets me a new bath everytime.

He’s not kidding. This is the 5th bath this month.


3. “Every time I get a bath they call me Dumbo. I still don’t know why.”

Big ears and all, this little guy is adorable.


4. “Look, mommy, I can float. But, wait… How do I stop. I don’t know how to swim.”

Hang in there, little fella. You’re doing great…

5. “I never take a bath without fluffy.”

This little sloth is receiving a bath. He wants to look great for playtime later.

6. “I’m not happy I got a bath.”

He looks so adorable sopping wet.

7. I’m a clean little piggy.

Stylish and ready to go for a walk. This little pig hates getting his feet dirty.

Plus, little red boots are in style.

8. “Nothing’s more fun than getting dirty after taking a boring bath.”

Honey, he did it again. He’s all muddy now. I give up…”

9. “HELP!”

“I’m not getting in, no matter what”.

Cats will do anything to avoid bath time.

10. ” Now, I’m mad.”

This is one angry kitty. Getting him in the bath next time is not going to be fun.

11. “I don’t care if you think I’m cute when I’m angry, I will get my revenge.”

He looks serious this time. We still can’t help but smile at his cute face.

12. “I felt like I was drowning at one point. I’m alive, right?”

Yes, you little drama queen. It’s just a regular bath.

13. “Oh My Cat! What happened to me? I’m hideous. This is all your fault.”

You don’t look that bad. It could be worse…

14. “What do you mean by ‘it’s not finished yet’? I could die, I’m sure I’m going to die…”

Oh, God… He’s making that face again. It’s not the end of the world, you know?

15. “I feel like I just wasted one of my 9 lives. I despise you!”

That’s one scary face.

16. “Good sir, I implore you some kindness. I’m being held against my will. 

The first 10 times it worked… Now it’s just a cliché…

17. “Good sir, please help me. Why isn’t my Puss n’ Boots face working?”

Doesn’t look like his cute face is going to work this time.

How cute was that?

Pets plus bathtime equals funny.

Be prepared to capture the moment the next time you give your pet a bath.

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