17 Beaches That Will Make You Go Loco…

Think all beaches are the same?

The same old blue sky, blue ocean and a normal sand color.

Hang on…

Some beaches blow that theory out the window.

Ever hear of pink sand?  What about glowing water?

Here’s a list of 17 weird and beautiful beaches you wouldn’t believe exist around the world!


1. Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

The sand is bits of broken shells, coral and calcium carbonate that come from small animals…

The pink color comes from one of these animals, called foraminifera.

This animal has a bright red or pink shell that gets to the shores after the animal is dead.

Check out the next one…. Trash to treasure.


2. Glass Beach, Fort Bragg California

Glass found at the beach is the result of years of dumping garbage into the area.

Horrible, right?

Luckily, the ocean has taken the glass and transformed it into wonderful colorful stones.

Thank you, mother nature, and sorry for the mess.

I couldn’t believe the color of the sand at our next beach.


3. Kourou, French Guiana

This infamous beach has bright green sand!

The color of the sand comes from a mineral called: olivine.

This mineral is the result of lava cooling in the sea.

How cool is that?

The next beach seems out of this world…

We’re not kidding.


4. Glowing Water Beach in the Maldives

This amazing beach looks like it is a science fiction movie!

The glowing effect comes from little organisms called “ostracod crustaceans” that produces light…

You’ll have to duck at the next beach.


5. Maho Beach, Saint Martin
As the image shows, this beach is special because it’s just a foot away from the airport.

So what, you say?

You’ll see planes landing so close to your head that you’ll feel chills.

Check out the crater next.


6. Hidden Beach in Marieta, Mexico

This beach is man made..

The crater is a result of Mexican’s government weapon trials during the 90’s.

If you like purple you’re going to love our next find.


7. Pfeiffer Purple Sand Beach, California

Gorgeous purple sand.

The best way of appreciating the color of the sand is to get close to it.

Also, the color is only found in some areas of the beach.

But when you see it, your eyes will pop out in amazement.

The color comes from manganese garnet deposits that are found in the hills that surround the beach.

We love colored sand. The next one is great.


8. Red Sand Beach, Rabida, Galapagos

Yes red.

This beautiful red beach gets its color thanks to the oxidization of iron.


It occurs when the lava deposit from the ocean gets mixed with coral pieces that turn into sand.

This makes the sand look red… What an amazing sight!

From red to black…


9. Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

Who would have thought that black sand could look so cool?

This goth like beach gets its black sand from basalt, created by lava that flows into the ocean.

This happens because the lava explodes when it reaches cool temperatures.

The next beach is a world recognized beach you have to see.


10. Giants Causeway Beach, Ireland

This beach is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s considered a treasure of the earth’s most ancient past.

This beach is the result of a basalt lava eruption that happened 60 million years ago.

Next you’ll see the longest beach in the world.


11. 75 Mile Beach in Fraser Island, Australia

World Heritage recognized this beach in 1992. It’s the longest sand island in the world!

Since its shore is so long, aero planes land on it without a problem!

Besides, the beach has beautiful clean sand and calm waves.

This makes it perfect for your baby’s first trip to the beach or to just float and chill…

Swimming at a glacier? You have to see this.


12. Jokulsarlon, Iceland

This is a glacial lake. Imagine just how cold it can be…

It’s the deepest lake in all Iceland.

This amazing place is a location for movies like:

A View to a Kill, Die Another Day, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Batman Begins.

Too cold for me.

The next one is not only a beach but a natural monument.


13. The Beach of the Cathedrals, Ribadeo, Spain

This beach was declared a natural monument in Spain…

The caves are only visible with a low tide.


14. Cave Beach in Algarve, Portugal

This natural grotto is a real wonder! It has beautiful dark blue water and a cool tan spot just under the big hole in the roof of the cave…

The only way to access it is by a boat or kayak!


15. Koekohe Beach, New Zealand

This big spherical rock formations are a product of erosion!

This happens when mineral cements get mixed with sand. It transforms the rocks into huge balls!

If you like warm water you’ll love the next beach.


16. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

This beach is a real sauna!

The beach has hot springs that filter through the sand making the water hot!

I love a beach that feels like a bath tub.

Bowling balls on a beach? Check out the next one.


17. Bowling Ball Beach in Mendocino, California

This beach has huge balls that look like bowling balls! Some of them are even bigger than a car!

Have fun trying to find a rock that you can climb on. You can even compare some of them to the size of a baby elephant!