20 Animals That Deserve An Award For Best Parent…

The animal kingdom holds many secrets about parenting.

Animals have similar ways of raising their children.

For example, young female elephants take care of baby elephants. This reminds us of babysitters. Right?

Animals enjoy raising their children as much as we do. Check out these pictures of the most loving moments from the animal kingdom.

I dare you not to ooo or awww at least once.


– Behave little bear!
Mamma bear knows how to get strict…
I’m sure this little guy won’t do it again…

– A moment of tenderness…
This polar bear is hugging her little baby…
Such love and cuteness from such a large animal…..

Hungry and cute
Did you say fish?
These are two grizzly bears playing in the deep waters of a river. This baby isn’t afraid…
He knows his mother is there to protect him!

Kisses and advice!
Mom gives a kiss of affection to this little one, and later on…

… Big Pappa bear teaches this little bear some things they don’t want Mom to know about.


So colorful! So Loving!

Under the wings of this colorful Mom. Two tiny chicks that are getting sleepy…

Mom is always protecting them.

– Hide and seek, birdy edition part I!

Is this me or does this bird have too many legs?

Wait, let me count!


– Mother or Bus?

A loving mother swan places its babies under her wings…

They’ll stay dry and warm while traveling across the pond.

– Hide and seek, birdy edition part II!

Has anyone seen my son?

This little fella is playing hide and seek…

I think he’s winning. What do you think?



– Family comes first!

These two lionesses are taking care of their baby brother in the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya. Nothing more beautiful then seeing these beautiful animals in their natural habitat.

– Tickle tickle!

Time to play…!

This great mom tickles her little lion cub!

Look how the cub laughs…

Bath time!

“But, mom, I’m clean!” This little tiger’s fur is shinning!

He looks so small next to Mamma tiger!



– Cuteness overload!

This mom helps her baby to stay afloat…

How about a nap while we’re at it?

Otters hold their pawns while they sleep so they don’t get separated.

– Just a regular family!

This is the most romantic thing ever…

While Mom and Dad share a passionate embrace, the small one fights for some attention.


Big ones & Small ones:

– Wait mommy, let me hold your trunk!

Who’s mommy’s little baby?

Elephants are the only animals (besides humans) who visit the graves of their deceased loved ones.

So… we can imagine the great love they have for their children.

This adorable baby links his trunk with her mother’s trunk.

– Such  a tiny baby!

Baby squirrels are so small it’s hard to see them.

But this mom knows it’s her baby. Too cute!

Babies come first!

When you become a parent, you realize that there’s something you’ll enjoy more than a good meal… Giving your children one.

Animals are amazing to watch. They can be more tender, loving and better parents than some humans.

Without a doubt, animals have their own family values, and these cute pictures confirm it.

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