20 Of The Shortest Male Celebrities In Hollywood…

Being a tall leading man in Hollywood is just a cliché.

In fact, you may assume that stars like Kanye West or Ryan Seacrest are tall people. But the truth is that being big doesn’t exactly mean big talent.

1. Bruno Mars: The Shorty Song:

Peter Hernandez. You know him as our beloved Bruno Mars.

He was able to rock our socks off next to Beyoncé in the Superbowl with his 5’5” of rhythm and talent.

Mars always looks handsome and comfortable in his own skin, even though he’s shorter than most male singers.


2. Sylvester “Little Rocky” Stallone:

Who would guess that a 5’7” man could be such a tough guy?

Sylvester Stallone is shorter than most action figures. That doesn’t stop him from being one of the most bad-ass, actors in Hollywood.

Actually, the fact that he’s so short fits with a boxer’s profile. Short, but fast and heavy.

Next a short superhero.


3. Robert Downey Jr. and the smallest iron suit ever made:

Cute fact:

While shooting “The Avengers”, Robert Downey Jr. had to use shoe lifts. It allowed him to look almost the same height as some of his co-stars.

Just imagine standing next to Captain America who is like… super tall!

We’re talking about 5’9” of pure talent and sassiness here people.


4. This is so ironic I can’t even… Lil’ Wayne:

The fact that Lil’ Wayne and Bruno Mars have a song together called: “Mirror” is just too cute to handle because they’re almost the same height.

Lil’ Wayne has been around for quite a while and even though he’s not a “regular type hottie”, he’s always making girls scream and dance to his music!

Lil Wayne is 5’6”, just a little bit taller than Bruno.


5. The Piano Man that doesn’t need to stand up to stand out: Billy Joel.

5’5” inches of insane piano playing. Billy Joel has earned the love of the world without even standing up from his chair.

He’s not ashamed of his height because he knows that he doesn’t need to be tall to conquer the ladies.

Besides, who needs to be tall when you earn so much money sitting down most of the time?


6. Small height but big laughs: Kevin Hart.

Politically incorrect and crazy funny Kevin Hart is only 5’2”!

When he’s not hanging around with buddy Anthony Anderson, he’s touring the world.

He has the perfect voice for his short stature. When he does his stand-up comedy, the amount of laughter in the crowd is bigger than life itself!


7. Jon Stewart and “The Daily Short”:

Jon Stewart is only 5’6” and his OK with it.

He even makes jokes about it on The Daily Show.

Did you notice? Probably not. He’s always sitting down but he doesn’t need to stand up to make America laugh!


8. Dustin Hoffman proves that big talent can come in a small package:

From “The Graduate” to “Tootsie”, Dustin Hoffman is one of Hollywood’s favorite actors.

His fans consider him “hot” in a weird and mysterious way. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s short and yet… charming.

With 2 Oscars, 6 Golden Globes, the 5’5” tall actor has an amazing career.


9. This is Usher’s Confession:

You’re lying if you say you’ve never did a little bit of dancing to some of Usher’s song like: “Yeah” or “Caught Up”.

Usher is a talented dancer, singer, actor, and producer that’s only 5’8” tall!

Short and… who cares?

More than 20 years in show business. MILLIONS of albums sold all around the world. Usher can stand next to any of the music industries biggest stars!


10. That Calvin Klein ad made him look huge right? Nope.

Handsome and talented. Marky Mark has been showing his face (and amazing six pack) to us for quite a while now.

He was a model. He was a rapper. He was in prison and he’s now a well-know actor.

He’s only 5’8”tall.  Mark Wahlberg continues having an incredible career.  Some of his shows are: “Entourage”, “Teamsters” and “Boardwalk Empire”.


11. Poison comes in a little package just like Simon Cowell.

5’8” of pure raw evil.

As a boy, maybe he was bullied. Does that explain why he’s so mean to poor people who just want to be famous, like him.

A word of advice:

Don’t pick on him about his stature. The word on the street is that he’s sensitive about it.


12. Talented and red headed Seth Green.

Seth Green has been in show business for more than 30 years!

From “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” to “Austin Powers”, Mr. Green is a nonstop actor.

His 5’4” frame looks adorable when he stands next his 5’7” beautiful wife Clare Grant.


13. Back to the future’s shorter star.

Michael J. Fox is one of our dearest actors.

He played the role of Marty McFly in one of America’s favorite movies, “Back To The Future”.

Unfortunately, his career had to stop for a while because of Parkinson’s disease.

At only 5’4”, Michael J. Fox happens to be shorter than his wife and kids.


14. Independent movie’s director Woody Allen.

Woody Allen gave us movies like “Annie Hall” and “Blue Jazmin”.

He’s talented but has lived a scandalous life. He married his adoptive daughter Soon-Yin. Creepy.

He’s only 5’5” and believe it or not already 80 years old. Woody Allen still brings controversy wherever he goes.


15. We all know he’s short… but OMG Danny DeVito.

The “Get Shorty” and “Matilda” star Danny DeVito is well known for being a shorty himself.

We’ll never forget him standing next to his “twin” brother Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80’s movie “Twins.”

But, our dear Danny is shorter that you think! He’s only 5 feet tall which shows that height doesn’t matter when you’re so talented.


16. Yeezus: the shortest egocentric.

Kanye West keeps insisting we call him “Yeezus”, so we’re going to support his madness, why not?

Kanye West makes good music, but his bad attitude has lost him fans.

He’s only 5’8”.

With such a gigantic ego you would never think that he was so short.


17. Partyman Prince.

Just a bit taller than Danny DeVito.

Prince doesn’t care.

He has dated stars like Carmen Elektra and is well-known for having an extravagant life style.

He’s only 5’2” but has been making music history since the 80’s. It seems that he’s not stopping anytime soon.


18. Top Gun, Bottom Cruise.

We all remember Tom Cruise standing next to his beautiful ex-wife Nicole Kidman.

How about the way he looked next to his other beautiful ex-wife Katie Holmes.

At 5’7″ Tom Cruise is also known for a bad attitude and a big ego. A pattern maybe?


19. E! & The Shorty.

Ryan Seacrest has been one of E! Entertainment Television best hosts.

He’s also known for hosting American Idol.  And he’s the executive producer of “The Kardashians” and “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami”.

He’s is just 5’8” just like his American Idol partner Randy Jackson.


20. The short wizard…

For 10 years, Daniel Radcliffe filled our imagination with a magical world.

He played a powerful wizard that grew up right in front of our eyes.

The famous Harry Potter.

At 5’5”, this former child actor has become worldwide famous and we hope to see his career grow bigger.