20 Times Charities Made Things Worse…


Charities want to help make things better… right? They want to help people or entire countries overcome bad situations! But, sometimes things don’t turn out how expected…

Charity organizations and donors do things (with or without intention) that make things worse! From helping prolong a war to rapping disable people… This is a list of 20 charities that didn’t help at all!

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1. That time French people kidnapped a bunch of babies: Zoe’s Ark.

French Charity: Zoe’s Ark kidnapped more than 100 children!

They fooled hundreds of French families into giving them 6,500$ to adopt a war torn child!

Fortunately, the “charity workers” got arrested before their plane full of children left France!

You know what’s the worst part? Most of the kids weren’t even real orphans! They were taken away from their parents under false claims!

2. While trying to dress poor people, thousands were left without a job: Kenyan Clothes Donation…

Wester charities made Kenyan clothes industry to break down! This happened when second-hand clothes got imported into the country.

In fact, since the 60’s the textile industry suffered a brutal 96% collapse! More than 100,000 tons of clothes come into the country every year!

People sell the clothes in the market… leaving thousands of people without a job! Things are so bad that 12 countries in the African continent banned clothes donations!

(Next one will make you doubt one of the world’s greatest organizations)

3. That time UN peace keepers gave cholera to a bunch of people…

8,000 people died in Haiti thanks to a cholera epidemic accidentally produced by UN peace keepers!

The peace keepers got the disease from an earlier mission in Nepal… A failure in a sanitation system leaked contaminated fecal matter into a river.

The city was in a terrible state after the earthquake…

This combined with the poor state of the plumbing facilities made the disease spread all over!

You know what’s the worst part? The UN refused to compensate affected people! What a nerve!

(The consequences of this next charity’s project were devastating)

4. Accidentally sponsoring terrorist… Children In Need Foundation

Children in need get sponsored by the BBC. Between 1999 and 2002 the charity donated $40,000 to an Islamic school and bookshop.

What they didn’t know is that the money was sponsoring terrorist propaganda!

The bookshop served as fronts to train terrorist. In fact, the owners of the bookshop the 2 suicide bombers that killed 52 Londoners in the 2005 attacks!

(Next one is an example of how bad some people can be)

5. Somalian Warlords

An UN report showed that over $200 million worth of food was used to fund military organizations…

For example, jihadist terrorist group Al-Shabab!

The money came from The World Food Program to fight starvation in Somalia…

The food got under the control of Somalian Warlords that didn’t help people at all. They saw the opportunity to earn power and start selling the food.

Some of them even became rich and influential people!

(Next one is just one big fat: “WAIT, WHAT?”)

6. That time a tsunami made charities fight each other…

Over 10.5 billion dollars were donated to help in the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami.

Then, charities started fighting each other to spend the donation money! So, they didn’t work together…

They didn’t even consult local people about their needs! The money was wasted on useless projects like bad boats and metal houses (in a tropical weather).

(Next one is one of the freakiest things I’ve ever read.! See how weird this dude looks. I wonder how people could trust him)

7. A license to be a rapist

Being famous can give you a lot of benefits. But, British TV presenter Jimmy Savile used his status to sexually abuse more than 50 people for 20 years. He even did it in a hospital. But wait! It gets worst…

He became the Chief Fund raiser for that hospital’s Spinal Injuries Units. So, he had unrestricted access to the grounds! You think that’s the worst part, right? Well, think again.

This man raped patients that were paralyzed from the neck down and raped an 8-year-old girl more than 8 times!

(Next one is another example of what a bad government can do)

8. Live Aid is not so cool after all…

Live Aid concerts raised more than $100 million dollars to fight starvation in Ethiopia. But, the military government used the money to re-located 600,000 people from the North of the country!

They said that they had to do this to resolve the drought in that area.

But, things started getting weird. Entire families of starving people were separated and placed in different concentrations camps.

The conditions were horrible! 10,000 people died from starvation, malaria, and massive murder!

(Next one is one of the darkest things I’ve ever read)

9. The forgotten genocide: 1994 Rwandan Mass Murder…

The work of humanitarian aid workers prolonged the “ethnic cleansing” of Tutsi people. They provided protection for the “Hutu Killers”.

A military campaign ended the genocide, but 2 million Hutus managed to fly to a near country called Zaire. Over there, they militarized huge refugee camps and continued their “ethnic cleansing”.

That caused more war and the death of 10,000 refugees.

(Next one is an example of an organization with bad priorities)


10. Donations for publicity, not for cancer…

Children’s Wish Foundation is one of America’s biggest foundations!

They reported giving terminally ill children goods valued at $3 million dollars. But, the charity paid 6$million dollars to “professional fundraisers” for their services

Next one shows that for some charities it’s all about the money, not about the cause.

11. Making rich people richer… Kids Wish Network

This is one of America’s biggest charities. But, the money actually goes to enrich the charity’s operators and the for-profit companies.

Sick children only receive less than 3 cents of every dollar raised. This is happening for 16 years.

Next one is one of the Vatican’s biggest secrets.

12. Mother Theresa

Mother Teresa methods are questioned by medical professionals. People say that the health care in her hospices and orphanages in India were awful.

Some of the horrible things she did included: reusing hypodermic syringes, cold water baths for all patients and transferring donations to the Vatican bank. She’s even accused of contributing to the rise of HIV infections in India!

Next one seems like a Hollywood movie, but it’s a real story.

13. Machine Gun Preacher

Sam Childers, was a missionary in Sudan who was repairing huts destroyed war. He was “commanded by God” to build an orphanage for local children. And he did raised arms against the Lord’s Resistance Army, who was terrorizing the region.

With an AK-47 and a Bible, Childers spread the wrath of the Lord and “rescue” abducted children for his army!

Next one is a good example of celebrities taken advantage of bad situations…

14. 50 cent wants you to help a starving kid by buying his energy drink…

Rapper 50 Cent visited Somalia at the request of the World Food Program.

He did it to “raise awareness of the issues”. But, the trip was nothing more than Fifty touring hard-hit areas with the media. You know what’s the worst part?

This helped him sell his energy drinks because if you liked his FB page he will provide a meal for a child in need.

And if the page received a million Likes before Sunday, he would donate an additional million meals!

Next one shows how greedy people can be!

15. “For a cure” but only if you pay me royalties…

Susan G. Komb is the owner of a breast cancer charity and she owns the phrase “for a cure”. So, she sued hundreds of small charities for using the same phrase on their campaigns.

Charities can’t even use pink ribbons to show their support!

Next up: a company that gives money to charities but takes water away from poor people…

16. That’s not cool Coca Cola, people need their water!

Coca-Cola is a world’s wide fund’s partner in environmental conservation. But, a few years ago the company got in troubles…

One of its biggest plants in India was putting the little water the area had in siphons!

This contributed to the drought in the area…

Coming up, Mother Theresa strikes again!

17. Let’s ignore the screams… shall we?

“Missionaries for Charity” is Mother Teresa’s main charity organization. They receive donations from Haiti’s dictator Jean Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier.

He’s known for corruption and violation of human rights…

Next one won’t surprise you, but it will bother you!


18. Homophobia

Catholic adoptions charities don’t place children with gay parents. Some charities don’t accept the help from volunteers that are gay. For example, the Boy Scouts of America banned gay teens from their scouting ranks!

Next one shocked the freak out of me… I feel so sad about all those poor kittens!

19. 2,124 dead animals thanks to… PETA?!

In 2011 PETA killed almost 96% of the animals turned into their headquarters. In fact, in 11 years, PETA has killed almost 30,000 domestic animals under their care!

Shocker: the donation money bought a $9,370 freezer. This freezer was used to store the animals bodies before cremation.

Next one is the worst of all… a big big BIG mistake when choosing packages!

20. “Oops, we made bombs look like food”

The US started bombing Afghanistan in 2001. At the same time, they also dropped emergency food packages for refugees.

Unfortunately, somebody didn’t do their job!

The bombs and food packages were similar in color and size, making them distinguishable… Sure, nothing good came out of this “innocent mistake”.

Several people, most of them kids, died when they mistook the bombs for emergency food packages!