22 Amazing Tricks To Prevent Your Food From Spoiling…

Do you buy more to save money? You’re not alone. Many people think like that.

There’s a problem…

The truth is, no matter how much food we buy it just doesn’t last for a long time.

So our food goes bad.

In fact… Did you know there are even conspiracy theories about this?

The biggest food producers encourage us to buy and spend like this to make more profits. Don’t give them the pleasure.

I’ll show you 22 amazing ways to prevent food from spoiling.


1. Onions never looked so sexy.

When you store onions all together in one place they often get spoiled fast. By storing them separated in a pantyhose, they can last up to eight months.

They can still breathe through the little holes. And if one gets damaged, it doesn’t affect the others.

It’s as simple as tying a knot between each onion and hanging them on the wall.


2. Never store these together.

Always separate these three foods: apples, potatoes and onions.

Some foods of the same type get damaged faster if they’re together.

No need to place them in opposite ends of the kitchen… A few inches apart is enough.


3. Say no to mold.

To prevent the growth of mold on fruit, you should wash them well as soon as you get home. But not only with water…

Use a mixture of water with vinegar (10 parts water / 1 part vinegar).

Let them soak a few minutes…

Next, scrub them and let dry…


4. Bees are right, Honey is the best!

Honey has a lot of uses, from sweetening your meals to clearing your skin.

Be sure to keep it in a sealed glass jar. Plastic isn’t good for keeping your honey fresh…

5. Spoiled milk? Think again.

The change of consistency of dairy products isn’t an accurate sign that it’s gone bad. Believe it or not,milk can last up to three months. Try it.

Here’s how…

Freeze the milk in its original packaging and defrost it when you want to use.


6. Frozen eggs, really?

It seems that the answer to everything is to freeze it, right?

All you do is keep the yolks mixed with a little pinch of salt and maybe some pepper. Pour it in an airtight freezer bag and freeze it.

And that’s it! Easy breakfast every morning…


7. Don’t let tomato paste go to waste.

How often we get to use a whole can of tomato paste? Almost never, right?

And if we do, the excess sauce gets wasted because it doesn’t last in the fridge…

The solution? Take a Ziploc bag and put the extra inside…

Separate portions with a stick so you don’t have to repeat the procedure…


frozen herbs

8. Have you tried freezing herbs?

You love these healthy green foods! But it’s annoying to see how quickly they get wasted…

Here’s a trick…If you freeze them they get darker and lose flavor…

So you can cut them and make small olive oil cubes.



9. Bananas don’t mingle.

Wrap the top of the bananas with plastic wrap after you separate them!

If you separate them you can they’ll last 3 to 5 days longer than usual.

Bananas contain ethylene gas, so keep them away from all the other vegetables and fruits.


10. The miracle of aluminum foil.

Wrap your celery, lettuce, and broccoli in the refrigerator in aluminum foil. ..

They’ll stay crispy for weeks…!


11. Slicing, boiling and freezing… oh my!

Use this trick for all your veggies… 10. Slicing, boiling and freezing… oh my!

Cut a bunch of them up (carrots for example), boil them and then freeze them.

They will last longer and don’t lose their flavor!


12. Cool as a cucumber.

To keep your parsley, basil, cucumber, and cilantro fresh, cover them with plastic wrap. It’s the best way to keep them fresh and green for a longer time.

Extra tip…

If you put a paper towel on top of a bowl filled with lettuce, it will keep it fresh throughout the week.

The paper absorbs moisture off the leaves. This avoids wilting.


13. How to keep ginger for much longer?

First grate small amounts of ginger. Line up some tablespoons and place them on a tray with baking paper.

This keeps them from sticking. Once frozen put them all together into a bag in the freezer.


14. Don’t put tomatoes in plastic bags!

Plastic bags produce a lot of ethylene, so food spoils faster.

You should store tomatoes according to their degree of maturation:

* Green:

Keep them with the stalk down in a paper bag, or placed in a single row in a cardboard box in a cool place until they’re red.

* Mature:

Stored them at room temperature away from sunlight. Put them in a single row, without touching each other and with the stem up. Never in the fridge.

* Overripe:

Put them in the refrigerator, but you have to let them reach room temperature before eating. To speed up ripening, place them in a paper bag with an apple.

15. A rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.

It’s not only a children’s tale. If you see there’s a bad apple push it away from the rest.

Apples last a long time. Put them in the drawer of your refrigerator and they will last up to 6 months.


16. Sandbox, isn’t that just for cats?

Dry veggies can last for months…

You just need a basket or a similar to the one in the picture and… Surprise!

…you can use your cat’s sand to do this. Sounds weird but it works.


17. Turn it over!

A bowl of cottage cheese or sour cream will stay fresh twice as long…

Just put them upside down in the refrigerator. This creates a vacuum effect that prevents the growth of bacteria.


18. No more Tupperware.

Glass jars are much better when it comes to preserving food…

These containers don’t get stained…

Also, they can help food stay fresh longer.


19. Two tricks for cheese.

Put a little butter around cheese to prevent drying…

You can also cover the cheese with baking paper to maintain the flavor…


20. Headless Pineapples…

I bet you didn’t know this trick…

Turn over the fruit. The sugars stored in the bottom will distribute which will make them last longer…


21. Foods growing in your fridge…

Scallions are like lizards… If you cut their tail it will grow again.

These greens can last 3 times as long when you let them reproduce.

Trim as much you need. They’ll continue growing.


22. No more dry cakes!

Cakes can last a long time. They can last for days on the counter. Weeks in the refrigerator and even months in the freezer.

To prevent the cake from spoiling, put a couple of slices of bread on the open ends.

This will absorb the moisture.

Save money.

And don’t forget to share these tips with friends and family.

Keep looking for new ways to preserve your food!