+25 B-movies That Will Transform Your Weekend!


B-movies are unusual movies with high-concept titles (like Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus). Some of these movies are “mockbusters” that try to copy other big movie’s titles or concepts (but, in a funny way)

This movie can be bloody beyond your imagination… Some of them are jaw-dropping but some of them are simply ludicrous! This doesn’t mean these movies are bad. On the contrary, some of them are even cult movies! Freaky plots or crazy titles like (Machete Kills) are worth watching!

Some of these movies had hard-core social criticism to the point of getting banned in some countries! (Take number for example)

So, pick a Saturday night with your friends. Buy all the junk food you need and start watching every single one of these 25 b-movies that rock!

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30. Tucker & Dale Vs Evil

Who doesn’t enjoy watching rednecks getting in trouble? This is one of the cutest horror movies ever!

It has a good dose of gore but Tucker and Dale are actually 2 cute hillbillies! So, if you enjoy watching dumb frats get killed and laughing you need to watch it NOW!

The next movie is a total blood bath! Do you dare watching it?

29. Piranha 3D

Our society has an obsession with sex and violence and this movie KNOWS IT! At first, you might think it’s all going to be fun and boobies. But, don’t let the synchronized swimming scene fool you!

There are some savage almost realistic scenes here!

Next movie has one of my favorite lady villains EVER…

28. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

This movie is the prequel for the classical Mortal Kombat. It has some new characters and the fights continue but this time, they have to save the world!

Famous actress Musetta Vander plays the role of Sindel, a heartless evil queen that freaking kills people with her hair! How fab is that?

Next, do you imagine finding these men tonight on your way to the bathroom? Smiling like that…

27. Mr. Sardonicus

This movie is a classic cult movie. Sardonicus is a deformed man and the story behind his grin is dark… really dark! But, you need to see it for yourself!


Next movie is my personal nightmare… I hate sharks and bad weather!

26. Sharknado

Tornados are dangerous. Now, let’s throw a couple of sharks and Tara Reid in it and voilà… a freaking nightmare!

What the next hobo did in this movie is freaking AWESOME…

25. Hobo with a shotgun

If this title isn’t enough to make you watch this movie, then we’re not friends anymore! It’s a freaking hobo with a freaking shotgun people!

And not any hobo. No, no, no, the hobo is Rutger Hauer (from Blade Runner), which is like one of the ultimate bad boys EVER. He gets tired of the bad things happening in his city so he grabs a shot gun and starts solving them!

Next, muscle-bound twins and mullets… do you seriously need anything more?

24. Double Trouble

Peter Paul and David Paul play the roles of 2 police brothers solving a crime with all the 90’s scenarios you need to re-live ASAP!

Coming up, the U.S government is the one to blame for all the killings in the next movie!

23. Feast

You need to thank Ben Affleck and Matt Damon for this gore film about a mutant weapon created by the US government!

The crazy beast is loose in Texas desert and the hero, the honey pie and the bozo need to kill it before it kills them!

Next, are you scared of spiders? The next movie might help you with that…

22. Big-ass Spider!

The city is under attack by… Can you guess? Of course you can! A BIG ASS SPIDER!

The actors take this movie serious, which helps a lot since most of the time the movie is just hilarious! This movie brings Sci-Fi bugs to a whole new level!

You won’t believe what Sofia Vergara is doing with her boobs in this next movie!

21. Machete Kills

This movie is the best possible sequel for “Machete” and it takes insanity to a whole ludicrous level!

This movie has a mind-blowing amount of stars in it… Charlie Sheen (as the U.S president), Mel Gibson and Sofia Vergara (wearing the coolest bras ever)! Even Lady Gaga is in here!

The next movie is a MUST watch, I’m in love with all of the actors here!

20. Wolves

This movie is like an R-rated version of “Teen Wolf” but even better! You have a nice blond teenager (Lucas Till) finding out about his wolfie side and then JASON MOMOA with some freaky blue eyes… So, what are you waiting for?

Coming up, this itsy bitsy spider wants to eat your guts out…

19. Eight-legged Freak

This 2002’s movie comes from the producers of “Independence Day” and “Godzilla”

Here, David Arquette and Scarlet Johanson are dealing with some serious mutant spider shenanigans!

Next, would you dare becoming friends with a little guy that looks like this…?

18. Mac and Me

This is the cute story of a paraplegic boy that becomes friends with a baby weird looking alien who’s trying to help his family

Next, the most tantalizing and deathly lady without a leg!

17. Grindhouse

This move is the mother of the “Machete” series! Kurt Rusell is a serial killer stuntman who has to kill a group of friends. Sad for him these people are a group of stuntwomen.

I wanna thank this movie for giving me the opportunity to see Rose McGowan with a prosthetic machine gun leg.

Next, young and sexy Kevin Bacon fights some nasty giant worms…

16. Tremors

This movie has everything you need to have fun: Young and sexy Kevin Bacon, man-eating worms that hunt you under the ground and dynamite!

Next, Frats need to see this movie, you need to see the movie, the whole world needs to see this movie!

Next movie has so many fluids in it, it almost made me puke!

15. Slither

I love this movie, it has Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Banks! Here, weird alien-like slugs infect Banks’ dear husband and turn him into the grossest looking man on earth.

Nathan Fillion is the town’s sheriff and he has to deal with this nasty slug infestation!

Next, the scariest dirty laundry basket you will ever see…

14. Basket Case

Low budget, weird humor and violence are the things that turned this film into a cult movie! Everybody’s asking what’s in the basket? Well, I’ll tell you… a deformed siamese brother! If you wanna know the rest (and believe me, you do) you’ll have to watch the movie!

Next, one of my favorites and one of the hardest to watch! 

13. Return To Nuke-Em High

This movie is God of B-movies.

A bunch of teenagers start mutating after eating some radioactive lunch meals. Then, the nonsense begins! I wonder how many gallons of freaky green liquids they had to use for this movie!

Coming up, the movie that traumatized my entire childhood…

12. Leprechaun

A pre-nose-job Jennifer Aniston starts this movie about a horrible looking Leprechaun murdering people in his search for a stolen golden coin… This little guy gives me goose bumps…

Coming up, can you believe what these hot girls are doing together?

11. Faster, pussycat! Kill! Kill!

This is one of the ultimate babes with guns movie! It has a simple plot with funny provocative scenes and dialogues! Quentin Tarantino is interested in directing a remake from this… what do you think?

Next, the most honest social critic film ever!

10. They Live!

This movie is way too advanced for its time! Famous actor Rodey Piper plays the role of a man who finds a pair of glasses that allow him to see the truth behind consumerism!

The message is loud and clear and the entire society needs to watch this cult movie. Period.

Next, the world’s ugliest looking baby…

9. It’s Alive

This movie is about a horrible mutant baby! This baby is killing people and looking ugly as the entire movie and you know you wanna see it!

Next, Elvis Presley didn’t die! Can you believe what he’s doing?

8. Bubba Ho-Tep

Bruce Campbell (the love of my life) plays the role of Elvis. Here, he didn’t die, he just got old. He’s living in a nursing home where a creepy ancient demon is eating all the old ladies!

He’s there to stop it and this is so freaking epic your mind is going to explode!

Next movie is a visual feast, you’ll never look at your dreams in the same way!

7. The Science Of Sleep

Gorgeous Mexican actor Gael García Bernal plays the role of a graphic designer that can’t tell reality from his dreams… the visual effects and creativity of the scenes turn this movie into a total must watch!

Next,this movie is a master piece of Japanese-American fighting in a funky place like Little Tokyo!

6. Showdown In Little Tokyo

There are some serious actors in this movie people! First of all, Brandon Lee. He and his partner (the bad guy from Rocky IV) are trying to stop a Japanese criminal organization from taking over Los Angeles! This movie has great fight scenes and performances.

 Coming up, cockroaches might take over the world and you need to stop it!

5. Starship Troopers

This sci-fi film is definitely a cult movie! The earth is under attack from horrible giant bugs from another planet!

Denise Richards and Neil Patrick Harris are going to stop them!

Next, can you guess how the mankind was created? This film has an interesting theory about it!

4. La Planete Sauvage (The Fantastic Planet)

This french animation movie is completely mesmerizing! Here, human beings are just a plague in another planet where huge blue aliens live. It has an awesome soundtrack throughout all the film and the end has the weirdest theory about how earth was created!

Next, first time I watched this movie I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants.

3. Pineapple Express

This movie is filled with hilarious moments! James Franco and Seth Rogen are a great team and you will love watching get in some serious stoner problems!

Next, you’ll be surprised to see all the problems a simple bottle of Coke can cause!

2. The Gods Must Be Crazy

This is another film loaded with social criticism! It has the happiest people on earth, the “bushmen” tribe living in Australia, they’ll make you realize what are the truly important things in life after a bottle of Coke lands near them!

Coming up, Jared Leto’s greatest film!

1. Mr. Nobody

Jared Leto plays the role of Nemo, the last mortal human on earth, where technology is so advanced, people has stopped aging! He’s telling the story of his life to a journalist and the stories he’s telling are incredible and filled with crazy scenarios and plot twists!