39 Ridiculous Parenting Fails That Will Make You Jaw Drop. Our Number One Pick Will Take Your Breath Away…


Imagination is parents’ best friend when it comes to raising kids.

Now, we all know there isn’t a manual to raise children. Although, after seeing some of these crazy things parents do you’ll wish there was one. Check out these funny and embarrassing situations so you know what not to do.

You’ll see everything from a baby scaling the side of a mountain to another one riding a real live crocodile.

These can all best be described as parenting fails. But first, a quick word of warning …

You may want to put down your cup of coffee or you may be at risk of spitting it out. Be prepared to laugh.

Now as funny as all these pictures are if you’re not shocked by our number one pick then you’re made of stone.

Here’s a hint…These parents want to teach their baby the sky is the limit.

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39. Duct Tape Nanny

Duct tape is cheaper than a babysitter. If the baby starts crying, you can always tape a toy on the wall. Now they say that duct tape can be used to fix anything but this may be going a bit too far. What do you think?

The next photo is a reminder to never let your husband go shopping… 

38. Dog Cage For Human Puppies

Never allow your husband to go shopping alone again. This is not the baby gate his wife put on the list. I bet this husband is going to be the one in the doghouse when his wife comes home.

Next up, if you’re afraid of heights don’t look…

37. Where’s His Helmet?

Look at this photo. Completely crazy, right? You wouldn’t get me up there and yet there’s a baby on her back. Now, what do you think… Is the crazy part she forgot his helmet or that he’s up there in the first place? It’s never too soon to start climbing, or is it? And BTW put a helmet on your kid.

How did this kid fall asleep there? Click to find out…

36.  If He Fits, He Sleeps

Kids can sleep anywhere, right? I don’t know whether to be jealous or feel sorry for the little guy. Looks like the Velveeta and Reeses makes a nice pillow. Ahh, to be this relaxed. I decided… I’m jealous. How about you?

Next up, is he destined to be a waiter?

35. Dining Table Baby

Well, maybe not a waiter but a table. When his wife told him to eat over a table, this is not what she meant. But he’s not breaking any rules, right? I guess, if it works, it works.

Next, safety first, but they forgot something important…

34. Safety First?

Safety first, right? I’m not so sure this is so safe.  Looks like they forgot something important… the car seat. The look on this baby’s face says it all.

Next, this kid doesn’t want to wait until he’s 18. Can you guess what he wants to buy?

33. He Needs To Wait A Bit Longer 

I had to look twice to see what was in his cart. My kids used to love playing with shopping carts but this pushes it a bit too far. Don’t you think? I’m sure this made his father proud. Luckily, he’ll have to wait 18 years.

The next parents ruined Halloween forever…

32. Smells Like A Parenting Fail

He’ll l be more careful next time he asks his parents for a “cool” costume. His parents thought a fart was a good idea. This kid didn’t see nor smell that coming. So what do you think… great costume or scar him for life?

Next, a baby and a barbecue are not a good mix. See why…

31. Baby On The Barbie


We’ve heard of shrimp on the barbie, but really? A baby on a barbecue is definitely a fail.

Now if you think this fail is bad, you haven’t seen anything yet. Our number one pick will make your jaw drop…

A baby at the park. What could go wrong? A lot. You have to see this to believe it…

30. Alligator Baby

Ride’em Cowgirl.  Take a close look at this photo. What do you notice? The Alligators mouth is not taped. Now riding a gator is never a good idea but this… crazy. I’m sure when his wife told him to take her to the park, she didn’t have this in mind.

But again, this is far from the craziest photo you’ll see…

Next, when your kids run out of energy, don’t do this...

29. High Voltage Kids

So, your kids are tired after a long day. Do you give them a healthy snack? Maybe a piece of fruit? Even a candy bar to perk them up would be better than this. Notice to parents… If your kids are tired, it’s not a good idea to have them sit on a high voltage device. It won’t charge up their batteries.

Next up, do you think this kid’s time out is cruel or brilliant?

28. Dog Cage Baby

It looks somebody wasn’t a good boy. Did you make a mess again? By the way, we’re not talking about the dog. To be fair this little boy has a smile on his face. Looks like he’s having a bit of fun with his best friend.

Next, this isn’t how you put away clothes…

27. Dresser Baby

Note to parents everywhere… This is not how you put away the clothes. Step 1: Take the socks out of the dresser.  Step 2: Help your little girl put her socks on. Wait, it seems somebody skipped step 1.

You won’t believe what this father does when nature calls…

26. Restroom Baby

When you have to go, you have to go, right? Perhaps you shouldn’t go with your kid on your shoulders. Genius move or parent fail… what do you think?

Next up, A baby and a cooler. Can you guess where they put their baby?

25. Cooler Baby

Now this is one cool kid, right? Who said coolers aren’t for kids? Coolers keep beers cold and your baby safe… maybe?  I’d call this a clever idea but ultimately a fail. What do think?

Next up, this dad’s multitasking skills, risen the bar or gone too far? Click to find out…

24. Babysitting Magic

Who said dads can’t multitask? This dad is bonding with his daughter, having a beer and enjoying life at the same time. What do you think Mom will think about this?

Next up, a baby and a cute kitty. What could go wrong?

23.  Baby and Kitty

Not the cute little kitty cat you thought, right? We agree. When is it ever a good idea to put your child next to the king of the jungle? We’d vote for never. Also, look how scared the poor little guy looks. This is a parenting fail at its finest.

Our number 1 pick makes this parent look like a genius. You have to see #1 to believe it…

Next, a potty training nightmare…

22. Don’t Forget To Flush

Did you forget to flush the toilet? We all know potty training can be difficult but this is crazy. Guess who we shouldn’t ask for potty training advice? This poor little guy is going to be traumatized and afraid of the toilet. They’ll be lucky if he’s potty trained before he heads off to high school.

Next, this father doesn’t know anything about table manners…

21. Napkin Baby

Who needs a table when you have a baby with a napkin on his head? I guess he’s keeping the kids head clean. That’s something, right? If it works, it’s not silly.

The following baby knows how to hang around…

20. Baby Hanging In There Part I

Is this an environmental protest? It’s never too early to teach your kid about environment preservation, right? This cutie looks like an experienced treehugger already. I’m pretty sure parenting 101 is not to hang the baby from the tree.

Sometimes this skill can be useful to parents. Check our part 2 next…

19. Kid On Hook Part II

This parent gave hooks a different concept. Duct tape is good for babies, but hooks are perfect for toddlers. Notice to parents everywhere… hanging your child on a hook is not a time out.

The next picture takes parenting fails to an extreme…

18. Fish Tank Baby

Yes, you’re seeing right. That’s a baby in a fish tank. She’s even sitting on the rough rocks at the bottom of the tank. This is some crazy parents idea of a low budget baby gate.  At least they were considerate enough to leave out the fish, right?

Next, when people say it’s good for children to have a pet, they didn’t mean this…

17. A Baby And His Cute Pet?

It’s important for babies to get exposed to animals. A dog, maybe a cat… heck even a cute hamster.  But this…. no way! Look how big that thing is. It gives me chills even thinking about it.

Next up, be prepared to be grossed out…

16. Daddy Eating Fail

We’ve seen some weird things so far, right? And this certainly isn’t the worst photo we’ve seen. But for some reason, this one grosses me out. It looks this dad doesn’t know how to use a napkin. I guess the dad in our early photo, with the napkin on the baby’s head, had the right idea after all.

Next, a baby and a blender. What could go wrong?

15. Baby Baking Skills

What do you notice in this photo? Aside from the obvious. Go ahead and take a closer look. It’s still plugged in!  Now, we’ve all licked batter off at one time or another but… It wasn’t plugged in. Can we all say together… Fail.

You won’t believe how this father and his baby take a nap…

14. Father and Baby Nap Time

Babies find comfort in unusual places. It looks they are playing Twister in their dreams. This one was just too cute not to share.

Now remember, you don’t want to miss our number one pick…

Next, A nap can be a real adventure…

13. Adventure Nap Time

The soothing sounds of water. If your baby is relaxed , they fall asleep faster. It looks these parents took that advice too far. In reality, I’m jealous. This cutie looks so relaxed.

Next an extreme stroller ride you have to see to believe

12. Parents Running Late Part I

A desperate parent will do anything to be on time. But a Segway? Really?  How many fails do you see in this picture? Let’s start with the fact that they’re crossing a busy intersection this way.

But this is not the only parent in a rush. Which is more extreme, this or our next photo?

11. Parents Running Late Part II

He’s athletic. We’ll give him that. You know things get real when you start doing Parkour with your baby to save time. This looks like an 8 on the danger level.

Our number one pick is an 11 on a scale of 1-10. You have to see it…

Next, watch how this cutie stays fit…

10. New Workout Craze

This baby’s first words will be: “No pain, please”. At first glance, this looks creative. You get your workout done. You spend quality time with your child. Then you think… what happens if he drops the barbell? This is not a new workout craze… It’s just plain crazy.

The following father could only save one child. Check it out and see what he did…

9.  Parenting Fail In The Park

At first, hero and father of the year. Then only a second later… fail.  In his defense, he just didn’t have enough arms. We give him points for trying.

Next, learn how to avoid a baby mix-up…

8. Can You Spot The Difference?

You want to avoid mix-ups at all costs. What do you do? Label things. A father only needs his cellphone and his imagination to be a great babysitter. This parenting fail looks like a win to us. Very cute.

Next the baby and the mouse. Hint, It’s not what you think…

7. Multitasking Daddy Part I

This father is using his baby as a mousepad.  Multitasking skills at their finest or fail? What do you think? It’s a cute picture but pay attention to your baby, Dad. They grow up too fast.

Next up, think this was a multitasking fail? You have to see what’s next…

6. Multitasking Daddy Part II

When you have a baby it is time to give up the video games?  Not necessarily but don’t you think he could have at least paused it to feed his baby?

These are cut but remember you’ve almost reached our number one pick. It is sure to shock you…

Next, this dad has things under control…

5. Obedient Children

Why do any of us have kids? To take care of us and do chores, of course. Who needs a vacation when you have three kids and a pool? The real question is how did he train them so well. Maybe he should write the manual we’ve been talking about. What do you think?

Next, the right way to take a nap…

4. Daddy Nap Time

This parenting fail is a total win. Yes, he should be paying attention to the kids. Yes, he shouldn’t be napping. But aren’t we all secretly jealous of him? This daddy used a t-shirt, his kids, and lots of imagination to win father of the year.

You’re getting closer to #1. Keep clicking to find out how it ends…

Next up, this brings the term “Attention Walmart Shoppers” to a whole new level…

3. Attention Walmart Shoppers

A strong parenting fail needs a strong daughter, right? That’s how this father sees it. Now we’ve all seen everything at Walmart.

It’s hard to tell if the next picture is a parenting fail or a total win. Click and let us know what you think…

2. Runaway Baby

It might look ridiculous, but it works. Who do you think did it? I bet it was Daddy. We think if you have to tie your baby to the crib you’re doing something wrong.

Next, get ready for our number one fail. It will take your breath away…

1. Flying Baby

It’s a bird, it’s a plane. Wait, IT’S A BABY! These parents are the winners for best outdoor parenting fail.  Take a close look at this picture. This baby is being thrown across a big crevasse on a mountain top. Meet our parents that won our number one parenting fail award. It’s going to be hard to beat this. What do you think?