43 Of The Craziest Pokémon Go Incidents. (#5 See How A Puppy Gets Saved) …

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Pokémon Go! is taking over the world! Since the game came out there’s been a lot of weird things happening.

Love them or hate them… You’ll love this incredibly funny and sometimes surprising list of Pokémon Go incidents.

Pokémons are appearing in strange locations… Would you dare to step into a cemetery for example?

Pokémons saving lives? You’ll find them all here.

You’ll never believe the kind of crazy things that people are willing to do to “catch ’em all.”

This is the greatest, most shocking and heart-warming list of poké incidents out there.

Next, Pokémon helps a woman give birth….

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43. Naughty Father

What’s the best thing to do when your wife is delivering your baby? To catch a pokémon of course! Happiest day ever…?

Next, people getting fired over Pokemon. What do you think?

42. People Are Getting Fired

This boss has had it! It’s your choice, either do your work or you catch ’em all!

Next, there’s some crazy inventions being created just to play Pokemon…

41. Comfort And Efficiency During Your Hunt

This person knows their game! I just hope they keep their eyes on the road!

Next, is your life more important than Pikachu?

40. Girl Gets Hit By A Car

This teenager thought it would be a good idea to go to the main avenue and cross it without looking both ways.  She said she found a Pikachu and was going after it!

Guess what? Her mom is blaming the game!

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39. PokéSupport During Chemo

This Pyshduck showed up during a little girl’s chemotherapy session. Can you believe it?

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38. People Are Learning About Their Cities

This game is helping people move around their cities and discover new places! Even though the game doesn’t show the name of the streets, people are learning about places they didn’t even know about!

Next, Bieber fever is officially over.  Say hello to the Pokeblast…


Let me answer that for you: NOBODY! Get out of the way Justin, there’s a Pidgeotto in the house!

Next up, Celebrities that are addicted to Pokémon …

36. Stars That Love Pokemon

Chrissy Teagan, Demi Lavato, Nick Jonas and Mario Lopez all love Pokémon. Too much time on their hands maybe?

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35. Business Improvement

This is a great way to get new customers to try out your restaurant. What do you think?

Next, Pokémon Go is challenging men’s manhood. Do you believe it?

34. Would You Dare To Step In?

What would you do? Is it really worth it? You know this could go so wrong!

Coming up, a man almost loses his life…

33. Almost Deadly Car Accident

This driver didn’t pay attention to the road. He was playing while driving and hit a tree! Thank God it was a tree and not a person! Then again, that poor tree.

Next, an office that requires you to play Pokemon. Could you work here?


32. Best Job Ever!

“Don’t forget about deadlines… also don’t forget about your Pokemon”. Wow, this design office is the best job ever! Where do I apply?

Coming up, would you jump off a cliff for Pokémon?

31. These Men Fell From A Cliff

A couple of 20-year-old friends were playing the game and drinking near a cliff. Suddenly, the app showed them a weird Pokémon at the end of the cliff and they both jumped over to catch it! They survived but that was a close call.

Next, a new stomach bug is discovered and it leaves your toilet looking like …

30. Diglet In Your Toilet

I guess this earth Pokémon got confused… or this Poképlayer has a nasty stomach bug! What do you think?

Coming up, this Poképlayer took it to the sky…

29. This Person REALLY Wants To Catch ’em All!

There are no limits when it comes to capturing a Mewtwo or a Pikachu! If you have enough money for a drone, why not?

Coming up, even the church is getting profit out of pokémon. Can you believe it?


28. Find Jesus… and His Friend Pikachu

The church is quoting freaking Mewtwo… Do I need to say more?

Next up, Pokémon Haters….


27. How Dare They

The dead Pikáchu is a pretty clear sign that these people don’t like the game! Do you think they went a little too far?

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26. Alien Message!

The Extraterrestrial Beings have a clear message for us… Catch’em all!

Next, find out how this little girl became rich thanks to Pokémon Go!

25. Instant Millionaire

This little girl knows her business! She’ll be buying her own personal island in no time!

Speaking of young kids, Next up some of the youngest and cutest Pokémon you’ll see…

24. Babies That Love Pokemon

I dare you to look at these pictures without going… Awe. Can you resist these faces?

Coming up, Pokémon causes a real stampede…

23. Total Loss of Common Sense

This all went down in Central Park after a Vaporeon showed up! Hundreds of people formed a stampede… Luckily nobody got hurt!

Coming up, find out why Poképlayers are moving to Boston!


22. Pokémons Are A Real Thing In Boston

This is what you call “living the dream” people! This is wicked cool!

Coming up, Can Pokémon actually make people nicer?


21. Poképeople Donate To Children’s Hospital

I’m sure all of those kids really appreciate this.  Why should they no be able to enjoy it? They can still catch’em all even if they’re sick!

Next, dead bodies and pokémons…

20. Pokéstop At A Cemetery

No way José! Would you dare to go Pokémon hunting in there?

Coming up, this man found out his life purpose thanks to Pokémon…


19. The Human “Pokéstop”

Some people want to be doctors. Others just want to be human pokéstops! What ever makes you happy dude! Go for it!

Coming up, America’s youngest entrepreneurs! Why didn’t I think of that?

18. Little Entrepreneurs

This little boy has glowing pokébadges for night hunts. This little girl has the perfect snack depending on your favorite team! They have it right. Who needs to play when they can get you to pay!

Coming up, I almost cried after watching what this hospital did for sick kids…


17. This Hospital Is A Pokéstop

Now, hospitalized kids can safely play the game! Doctors say it’s great because it encourages them to walk and exercise. Smart. Healthy and great for moral.

Coming up, a teacher right out of your worst nightmare!


16. No Pokémon In School

This teacher is really strict! Even if you get caught once, your life is ruined… Or at least that’s what the kids think. In reality, we think no Pokémon in school is a good thing. Who ever thought that a sign like this would be in a school? I didn’t even have a cell phone.

Coming up, the Statue of Liberty has competition. What do you think?


15. The Best Tribute To Pikachu

This Pikachu statue can easily become real competition to the Statue of Liberty! Who do you think would win? On cuteness, my vote goes to Pikachu.

Next up, Pokémon proposes. Find out if she says yes…


 14. True Love Exists

How could she say no to this beautiful proposal? She can’t! A ring and a Master Ball. No way!

Coming up, this is America’s best restaurant…


13. Best Restaurant Ever!

A free 12′ pizza? Are you kidding me? This is the best idea EVER! The better you are, the better you eat.

Next, you’ll never believe what this news anchor did on live television!


12. Pókemon Hunting on Live TV

This weatherman is shocked when a woman working for the network crosses the room where he’s presenting the weather on LIVE TELEVISION! The reason? there’s a pokémon in the set and she needs to catch it!

Coming up, Can you Believe that the best pokémon trainer isn’t human?


11. Ash Ketchum Ain’t Got Nothing On This Puppy!

This little buddy is determined to be the best Pokemon catcher out there! Think he can do it. Look out Ash Ketchum.

Next, A dose of cuteness. If you love animals you won’t be able tpo resist…

10. Dogs and Cats That Love Pokemon

People are dressing their pets up as Pikachu. How cute is this?

Next, a gang of thieves gets caught thanks to Pokémon…

9. Pokegang Wants Your Phone

These 3 men went to prison after the police caught them stealing Pokeplayer’s phones! They used the GPS system in the app to locate people.

Coming up, don’t play and drive, but if you do… take precautions!


8. At Least He’s Honest

This person is letting people know that he can basically stop his car and start running in the middle of the highway at any moment. That is just crazy!

Coming up, Can playing Pokémon get you arrested…

7. “Please Don’t Come To The Police Station”

This police officer is asking people to stay away from the local Police Station. The station is a pokegym and now people are always hanging out there. Don’t make officers upset or risk arrest.

Coming up, these people deserve to be haunted for life…


6. Even At Funerals. Inappropriate Or What?

I don’t know what is worse… Pokémons showing up over coffins or people playing the game at funerals! What do you think?

Next up, forget about PETA, Pokemon Go is saving animal’s lives…


5. Puppy Gets Rescued Thanks To Pokémon Go!

A woman and her 2 children found this injured puppy and rescued him from the streets while playing Pokémon Go around their neighborhood! This is one lucky puppy.

Coming up, this teenage girl made a terrifying discovering while playing…

4. That’s Not A Pokémon!

A 19-year-old called Shayla Wiggins was playing the game and having fun. She was looking for a water Pokémon and the game took her to a river. There she discovered a dead man floating in the water.

She immediately called 911. The police say this was an accidental death.

Next Up… Pokémon, Obama and the White House…

3. I’m Sure Obama Won’t Mind.

What was this guy thinking? Is he crazy? He jumped the White House fence to play Pokémon.

Next, Thousands of people crowd the streets. This is a must see.


2. Taiwanese Players Take This Serious!

This giant crowd of people showed up after a Snorlax appeared in Taiwan. Not a good time for a Slurpee!

Finally… how to miserably fail at Pokémon Go…


1. Naughty Grandpa

This grandpa doesn’t have a clue of what he’s doing and someone should help him. He’s not going to catch’ anything like that!