6 Beauty Hacks For Smart Girls…

These 6 beauty tips will bring out your natural beauty.

The celebrities you see with glowing skin and stunning hair have simple tricks. The easy hacks will keep you red carpet ready.

When you see number six, you can tell your mother she was right.

1. Keep an eye on what you eat…

You are what you eat. And you’ll see the results on your face,

Choose what you eat wisely and you will have a healthy body  as well silky smooth skin.

Fruits and vegetables are the best choices for beautiful skin.
2. Intimacy helps…

Researchers have shown that people in loving relationships remain young and beautiful….

Be intimate with your partner. Have fun.  The side benefit….

Healthy and glowing skin.

3. Keep your skin hydrated…

Beauty begins in the skin… Your skin is a reflection of what lies hidden inside.

Give your skin what it deserves and you will have people asking you about your secret.

Drink plenty of water. Drinking water is the better than using expensive creams.

Another tip…

Use natural oils like rose, grape and argan!

4. Eat only what your body needs…

Look at actress Christie Brinkley. She’s in her 60s but her jaw dropping beauty is something you can’t help noticing.

She is so kind that she even shared her beauty secret!

She said that keeping the same weight for years helped her to maintain her looks.

So, maintaining a healthy weight will keep you looking young.

5. Be happy with what you have…

It’s normal to envy others. But it’s not good for your mind or your body.

Work on feeling good about yourself.

Positive thinking will keep you happy. You will look more beautiful if you love yourself and feel confident.
6. Sleeping is vital…

You’re Mom was right. We all need our beauty sleep.

To be beautiful and feel beautiful, you need to sleep a lot.

Sleeping is when your body, skin and mind all rejuvinate.

Try to sleep for at least 6-8 hours every night. Your body will thank you!
Simple easy changes make a big difference. Try some of these out and report back. Share these tips with your friends.