80’s Technology Your Kids Won’t Understand. See If You Remember Using #2?

The 80’s were a time filled with new technology! Technology has sure changed.

How many of these items can you remember? Do you think your kids would even know what these are?

– Huge computers that didn’t do much.

– Portable Television with only 3 good channels to watch.

– And Cell Phones the size of your entire head.

But, it was the 80’s! Who cares if you have to play your movies one by one using a huge cassette and an even bigger VCR?

Many of us see a floppy disk and get nostalgic, but can you image the reaction of a kid born in the 21st century ?

Watching these kids reaction to 80’s technology is absolutely hilarious.

Get ready to witness innocence and tons of confusion at its best.

We dare you not to watch this without laughing out loud.

How many of these items do you remember using? How many would your kids know how to use?

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28. Floppy Disks

This little girl has no idea of what she’s holding…

but it gets better…

You need five of these babies to save a single 2MB iPhone picture! Crazy right?

Next, you’ll never guess how this little girl tries to use a floppy disk…

Nowadays, kids use floppy disks as toys. Watch this little girl try to stick her face in the hole.

This next 80’s item is the reason why Steven Spielberg became a movie director!

27. Super 8 Cameras

“I don’t have any idea of how this thing works.”

“It looks like a gun from the future.”

Check it out and see if you remember these?

Super 8 Cameras were so easy to use. Everybody had one. Lots of home made videos were shot with one of these babies. Today a simple camera phone takes better quality video and fits in your pocket.

Next up, watch this adorable girl have a conversation with this oversized monster…

26. Old Computers

This cute little girl is having a conversation with this old computer.

Let us bring you back in time…


They were big, heavy and had limited functions.  Think about this. Your cell phone probably has more memory and computing power than this large computer.

Next up, Something I didn’t even remember having. This girl’s reaction is priceless…

25. Betamax

Even the name probably sounds more like a superhero to our children than something that was “state of the art” for its’ time.

The next picture looks like it’s from an old Sci-Fi movie. Did you have one of these?

And remember to stick around and see if you can remember number 2…

These things were Sony’s attempts to do something similar to VHS. It worked for a while but then people forgot about them and started using VCRs.

Next up, This cute kids face says it all…

24. Laser Disk Player

She has no clue what she’s looking at. Did you have one of these? Do you remember what they looked like?

The sheer size of the next item shocked me…

These devices were one of the first attempts to simplify the way we listen to music! No more cassettes, no more vinyl.

It’s funny to think that this device was considered state of the art, not so long ago.

Next up, Too cool for school…

23. Turntables

“Yes, I’m too cool and playing DJ on these old ancient artifacts.”

Next, You’ll definitely remember these from your childhood but will children?

These babies are still used by DJ’s around the world to play vinyl records. In fact, I still own a large collection of records.

Next, another cool kid alert…

22. PDAs

Lots of buttons for you to press until you get bored.

When you look at the next picture you’ll realize how much things have changed…

The personal assistant was basically electronic timekeepers. These devices were pre-internet and pre-iPhone. In reality, I don’t think these things were much easier than jotting notes on a piece of paper.

Next up, Who said kids have better games than we did?

21. Gameboy

Nope, it’s not that simple! Back in the day, you had to work if you wanted to have some fun. No apps. No internet.

Check it out on the next page…

This was the start of it all.  Back in the day, Game Boys worked with AA batteries. Games like Mario Bros. to Tetris kept us busy. I still think these things rock. What do you think?

Next, my kids had no clue what these were. Will you?

20. Cassette Tapes

Oh, come on! It’s not that bad. Some relationships even started thanks to the famous mixtape.

You’ll love the next picture…

Yes, good old cassettes! At first, they were used for transcriptions purposes but then the music industry got their hand on them. People started using these to make their own mixtapes and make personal recordings. Do you remember when they got caught in the tape machine? Ahhh, good times.

Next up, We can’t have a tape without this…

19. Cassette Tape Recorder

Yes, if you wanted to listen to some music in the 80’s you needed on of these. Relax little girl, it’s not that bad.

See if yours looked like this…

Again, in the beginning, these were only used for transcription purposes but they became much more. If you wanted to record some sweet talk to your babe then this was the device for it.

Next, when these first came out it was like we were the real life Jetsons…

18. Portable Television

For all of you TV lovers out there this was like a dream come true. Unfortunately, this device had very few channels so that pretty much ruined it.

Take a look at the next picture and let us know what you think of the screen…

In the 80’s it looks like your biggest dream come true. You could even take this device with you to the bathroom.

Next, I can guarantee you had one in your home and can also guarantee your children never saw one before…


17. Rotary Dial Phone

This is what your phone used to look like.

Check out the next photo and see if your kids can figure it out…

Remember these? Remember trying to walk and talk? Walk a bit too far and you’ll pull out the cord. We were attached like a dog on a leash.

Next up, watch this little girls reaction to the enormous thing…

16. Boombox

They were big. In fact, during the 80’s the bigger the better.

Look at the next picture and see if yours measured up…

The first boombox models were huge and used a ton of batteries. Can you even imagine carrying one of these around all day?  Today, these are replaced by our phones. Amazing, isn’t it?

Next up, I forgot I actually had one of these….

15. Discman

Yes! This device appeared in the 80’s little boy! It’s not as small as your iPod but if you were a teenager in the 80’s and had one of these you were a rock star.

Check it out in the next photo. I can guarantee your children won’t know what to do with this one…

Two years after the creation of lasers disc, these devices showed up. Still, people liked cassettes better because you could make mix tapes. You couldn’t record on one of these.  It wasn’t until computers started “burning” CDs that Discman became really popular.

Next, the face says it all…

14. Pagers

I know, it looks weird and it makes weird sounds. At the time these were the coolest ways to communicate.

Next, Show your kids how we texted back in the 80’s…

These pagers were very popular for almost 30 years. Show your kids how we used to text and what was cool back in the day.

And remember, stick around and see if you can remember number 2. You’re almost there.

Next, If you remember the Jetsons, then the next one will make you smile…

13. TV Watch

It’s a watch. It’s TV.

No. It’s both!

But, its wasn’t so small and simple as it appeared. Check out the next photo…

This device was really attractive when it first appeared in the market. But, it had the same issues like the portable television… only 3 visible channels. Also, not as simple as an elegant wrist watch. This was great for it’s day but consider the new Apple Watch and this looks like it came from caveman days.

Next, I don’t remember this at all. I bet you won’t either…

12. Wrist Computer

This does not look comfortable to me. I can now see why I don’t remember these.

Check it out and let me know if you’ve seen these before…

This thing took the “portable computer” concept to a whole new level…

It looked cool but, people weren’t thrilled to have that huge thing on their arms.

Next up, You had one. Your parents had one. And I bet your grandparents even had one…

11. Typewriters

Show your kids this and they’ll be amazed. Think about how popular and normal these were but your kids don’t know they even existed.

Check out the next picture and see if yours looked like this…


Do you remember trying to fix a mistake? Horrible right? Compare that to what we do with computers today.

Next up, I remember my dad had one of these. Did yours?

10. Slide Projectors

Like this kid, most children today are confused by even the concept. When they think slide show they think computers.

Have a look at this on the next page….

These devices were the teacher’s best friend back in the 80’s. My Dad had hundreds of family photos developed from slides.

Ok, next up is an old classic. I bet you had one of these….


9. Polaroid Camera

If you had ones of these you were cool. You could even take funny photos you didn’t want anyone else to see.

Take a walk down memory lane and check out the next photo…


These cameras lost their popularity after the appearance of digital cameras. But, people still love them. Polaroid is more than an Instagram filter kids! I know we get everything instantly in today’s day and age but there was something cool about watching the image pop out and develop in front of your eyes.

Do you think digital music is best ? Take a look at whats up next and decide…


8. Vinyl Records

Not a giant frisbee, OK? These things have an amazing sound quality even today. Some bands still record in this format! Can you guess what awesome item from the 80’s we’re talking about? (Of course, you do)…


These things were really cheap to press and were acoustically correct! People loved them and some DJ’s still use them today (next to their good old turntables).

Next up, you’ll laugh when you watch this little girl try to figure this one out.

7. Film Cameras

Oh, the look on her face is priceless. “How do you use these things?”

Look at the picture on the next page and see if your kids can figure this out…

By the way… you’re only 5 away from number 2…

Film cameras were the best option when it came to taking high-quality pictures. Remember having to change the film at the worst possible time?  Today, digital cameras that can store up to 2,000 photos. With film cameras, you were lucky if you got 24.

Next up, Just too cute not to see…

6. Payphones

“So you sit in a big box and you have this thing connected to a cord and then what?”

Do you remember using one of these? Check it out…

Sorry to tell you this, but payphones are an 80’s thing! What did we ever do without a phone right in our pocket? How did we ever survive?

Two adorable kids coming up next…

5. Answering Machine

“What’s that beep sound coming from? What am I doing with this microphone? “

Next, You may still have one but does it look like this?

Back in the 80’s if you wanted to leave a message to somebody, first you had to deal with the annoying answering machine that only gave you like 5 seconds to record your message. What a nightmare!

Next, This invention from the 80’s was a real game changer…

4. VHS

Forget about Netflix! Each one of these could store just one movie.

Check them out and try to remember how many you had….


VHS was the predominant video format in the 80’s. I have to admit it, we still have a cabinet filled with old movies on VHS.

Next, this little girl is scared of this 80’s tech…

3. Fax Machine

Don’t be so scared little girl! These things worked as long distance printers and people loved them.

Did you have one? Check it out on the next page…

We had 4 of these in our office. They changed the way we communicated.  Today, they’re obsolete but in the 80’s these things were expensive.

Next up, the item that made my children laugh the hardest…

2. Walkman

She just can’t figure out what this is.

Look at the picture up next…

The walkman was invented by Akio Morita! The reason? He just wanted something that allowed him to listen to his favorite operas while he was flying on a plane. Pretty cool right? If you were in school during the 80’s then you had one of these. They were the hottest things to have.

Next up is our number one choice. Is it yours?

1. VCR

That’s what I’m talking about! Press all those buttons until you get that thing working!

Next up, look at how big. Look at all those wires…

The beloved VCR, the first form of home theater. I actually had that same model in my house! I even remember watching the movie “The Ring” on VHS format!

Think about how far we have come in just a short amount of time.

Re-watch this article with your children. Trust me, it will make the experience even better.