Are You Ready To Laugh And Be Amazed? +30 Fan Arts & Ilustrations About Civil War…

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Loving movies and being creative is a combination that can have great results.

Fan arts and ilustrations are all over the web! Some of them are incredible! Others can be funny in weird ways.

Sometimes, people use fan art to extend the plot of their favorite movies! They show how life could be for their favorite Super Heroes if some things were different.

Fans add romance and comedy to these stories and we love it! Check out some of the greatest and funniest fan arts in the web… (Number 1# really puts things in perspective here)

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Welcome! This is going to be an awesome and funny post! The main characters are: Captain America, Bucky (The Winter Soldier) and the richest Super Heroe (besides Batman) Iron Man!

Here we introduce you to the ultimate trouble maker…

This is Bucky… The apple of discord…

It’s his fault the Avengers are fighting each other!

Next, try not to laugh at this fan art…

Iron Man and Captain America are figthing each other…

In this Fan Art it looks like Iron Man has some weird water super power or something… mmm at least he tried!

Next scene just breaks my heart…

Now this is something a little bit more serious…

This is the scene that broke our hearts! 2 againts 1. Iron Man is on his knees but he’s not giving up so easy!

Next, sometimes old friends and new friends just don’t get along…

Now this is better! Captain America just wanted his old friend and new friend to get along.

But, his new friend has some doubts about Captain America’s old friend… Maybe is because he looks a little bit crazy?

Next, do you ever wonder what super heroes do an a normal rainy day? You might be surprised…

It was all about funny fights and tender moments between the Cap and Tony.

This was all before that handsome bucky showed up… again!

Next fan art gives me some clues about the Cap and Bucky’s relationship…

Now it seems that the Cap only has eyes for Bucky.

After all, he has saved his life on many ocassions! and now people think he’s bad. If only they knew Bucky like the Cap, they would see that in the end he’s not so bad!

After seeing the next picture I wonder… Does he has a soft spot?

I mean, yes…. he looks kinda of mean and bad ass but that’s only on the outside!

On the inside he has a soft spot. I’m sure!

Can you believe how mean Tony can be on this next picture?

We can’t forget that Tony is always making jokes on the poor Cap!

He makes fun of his perfect teeth and decent language.

Coming up, I’ve never seen the cap being so naughty!

The Cap isn’t an angel! He also gets on Tony’s nerves. But it’s fair right?

Next, can you believe how cute this meeting is?


So, we already know that these 2 are best buds!

Bucky got so excited when he saw the Cap! He just couldn’t hide it!

The Cap and Bucky sure look like soulmates in this next picture…

The 2 of them used to work as a team! They’re practically soulmates in that area.

Next, the strongest team ever!

Even though the Cap already has some new powerful friends… He can’t forget about his good old friend Bucky.

Next, guess who’s the biggest badass?

.Bucky doesn’t have any other friend! The Cap is like… his eternal BFF! No room for anybody else!

Next, can you believe how Bucky’s staring at the Cap?

The have risked their lives for each other because that’s what a true friend does!

Next, can you believe how rude Bucky can be?

Even though Bucky is not the nicest guy out there. He has a bad temper! But, the cap knows how to deal with it!

Next, I can’t even draw a straight heart, can you believe what this artist did with some pencils?


I mean just look at his face. He looks like a dark angel or something…

No wonder some people love him and other have troubles trusting him! But, the cap knows just what to do!

The Cap chooses Bucky over Tony… and things get ugly!

In the end… The cap and Tony act just like little kids figthing each other!

They need to let their troubles go!

It’s not fair for poor Tony…

He thought Steve was his friend… but, things change after Bucky enter the picture…

We hate to see these 2 friends fight!

They make such a great team together… They’re both strong… Who’s going to win?

The Cap is the ultimate nice guy… He’s always trying to do the best thing for everybody…

But, does this means risking the lives of his friends?

He has some good heroes on his side!

They’re all joining in to save Bucky’s butt!

Oh… but what about this friend from the outside? They all want him on their side!


But, Spidey has a mind of his own… First, he’s going to check the facts and then he’s going to choose his side…

In the end, he just wants what’s best for all!

Pepper has something to say about this… She’s not happy about Tony figthing his friends…

She just wants to chill with him… she’s just not having it!

But, ther’s not much Pepper can do about it… a lot of heroes are involved in this fight! For example… Black Panther!

Team Iron Man isn’t bad at all! The Vision is like… one the strongest super heroes out there!


But, we all know that whoever gets the Hulk ends up winning!

Hulk is not happy about this silly fight!

So many great heroes figthing each other…

All thanks to stupid sexy Bucky!

Bucky’s so cute he got Tony and Steve fighting each other like kids… This is not fair!

Oh.. what to do? what to do?

The Cap just wants to protect Bucky… but, at what cost?


I’m really excited about seeing Spidey!

I wonder what’s he going to do about all of these heroes figthing…


DeadPool has something to say about it…

Of course, he’s not interesent in this fight… He’s too cool for that, but he can imagine what’s going to happen!

Bucky… You don’t deserve the cap’s love!

He adores you! Why can’t you be nice?

Team Stark is in da house!

Spidey? Are you joining in or what?

Oh Bucky… you’re the apple of discord!

You’re too cute for your own good!

So multifacetic…

So serious though! What are you going to do Bucky? You should join the Avengers!

These 2 need to hug it out!

They don’t want to fight each other… But, it seems that that’s just what they’re going to do!

Bucky… don’t break the cap’s heart!

Look at him suffering…

It’s time to put an end to this! But… we are pretty excited about seeing how this is going to turn out!