Boy Scouts Ain’t Got Nothing On These 30 People Raised In The Wild!


Some people grow up under dark circumstances. Abusive parents and poor childhoods. But, can you imagine growing up in the jungle, raised by monkeys?

These are 30 stories of people that grew up, shared their life or got saved by wild animals.

So, it seems that wolves can be better parents than some humans! One of these amazing characters was only capable of talking to goats!

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30. Shamdeo and the wolves…

This boy lived in India in 1972. He was only 4 years old when people found him playing with some baby wolves.

He went to the Mother Theresa’s Home for Destitute and Dying. He had a great connection with dogs and loved to eat dirt and chickens.

(Next one is the first Tarzan Boy in our list…)

29. Saturday Mthiyane and the monkeys…

This baby boy was adopted by monkeys after his mom abandoned him. He was found on a saturday’s morning by the people at a village in KwaZulu-Natal. He survived on lots of fruits and plants.

Unfortunately, he died 10 years after his rescue in a fire at his orphanage.

Next child raised by animals is the closest thing to a real life’s Mowgli from “The Jungle Book”

28. Rochom P’ngieng

This girl got lost in the jungle in 1979… She was only 8 years old when she was playing in the jungle and never return home! 19 years later, in 2007, she made a public appearance and shocked her family!
Next wild child used to sharpen his teeth to eat raw meat!

27. John Ssebunya.

He ran away after watching his mother get killed. Monkeys adopted him and he lived with them for a year! Learning how to climb trees and surviving on fruits!

Next one is a cute goat lover.

26. Daniel “The Goat Boy”


People found this boy in 1990 in the Peruvian Andes… He couldn’t understand humans but he could communicate with goats just fine!

Next child raised in the wild is all grown up and even has a family!

25. Marina Chapman

She was kidnaped and abandoned in a Colombian jungle. Monkeys raised her and took care of her… After 5 years of living like this, hunters found her. Now, she’s married and has children.

Next kid was raised by… Birds?!

24. Vanya Yudin

He was 7 years old when people found him… He lived in an apartment surrounded by birds…

His mother ignored him and he found company in the birds… He communicated using chirps and flapping his arms…

Next child even appeared in the local News!

23. Traian Caldara

He escaped an abusive father and lived with wild dogs for 3 years!

When he was 7 years old, some neighbors caught him eating a dog’s carcass…Gross! He appeared on the news and his mother recognized him!

Next wild child has the creepiest look ever…

22. Dina Sanichar

He lived in a wolf cave in Sikandra India. He would sharpen his teeth using stones. This would allow him to chew on raw meat better.

Next wild child will always have the mind of a little 6 year old girl…

21. Oxana Malaya

Her parents abandoned her when she was just a baby in Ukrania. She lived with a pack of dogs for 5 years!

She survived by eating raw meat! People in her town found her barking.

Our next wild child didn’t want to be “rescued”

20. Howling Lyokha

People found him in 2007 living with wolfs. He used his hands as claws and had sharp teeth. After he was “rescued” he ran away again and people are still looking for him!

Next kid was raised by the cutest animals on the entire list!


19. Kitten Boy

A 1- year old Argentinian boy was lost by his homeless father. So, cats decided to adopt him! They cuddle with him to protect him from the cold temperatures. They even shared their food!

Next kid was a victim of a terrible child abuse!

18. Sujit Kamar

His parents forced him to live with chickens when he was only a baby boy… People found him when he was 22… His parents had him tied to a bed… He was clucking and pecking at his food…

Next wild child was defended by the wolves!

17. Djama “raised by the wolfs”

He was 7 years old when people saw him running with the wolves in a Turkmenistan desert.

When they tried to capture him… the wolves came to his rescue!

16. Tissa

A woman found him when he was 11 years old. A lady lumberjack captured him in the south of Sri Lanka.

Naked, dirty and with long hair… He was living with the monkeys eating fruits and climbing trees.

15. Mekhriban Ibragimov “saved by the wolfs”

In 1978, this little girl fell into a snowy gulch! People found her after 16 hours!

She was all cuddle up with a wolf and 3 baby wolves. She said that momma wolf was always licking her face…

14. Elmira Godayatova

This little girl got lost in the woods of Azerbaiyan. She was trying to follow her mother, who was going to visit her grandmother.

People in the village saw her eating a deer’s corpse next to a pack of wolves…

She never returned home!

13. Bello “the chimpanzee boy”

In 1997 this 2 year old boy was found living with a bunch of chimpanzees in Nigeria. He was healthy and well feed.

He was living in an orphanage. There he received his named: Bello, which means “beautiful in Spanish”.

12. Kunu Masela

This boy was found living with dogs when he was only 6 years old! He would play with them and eat garbage as any other street dog…

11. Rocco

His parents abandoned this boy when he was just a baby!

In 1973, some shepherds found him in a cave, living with the wolves. He was naked and healthy, he was 5 years old by the time…

10. Goranka Kukulic

This boy was lost for 3 days in 1971. He was 5 years old when he got lost near his village in Yugoslavia.

When a farmer found him, he was resting next to a bear and a couple of baby bears.

9. Wang Xianfenf

In 1984 the Chinese people was impressed by the story of a little girl found living with pigs.

This girl wasn’t abandoned by her parents. She just liked sleeping with the pigs at her family’s farm.

The pigs would even feed her with their milk!

8. The little gazelle boy

People over in Cairo saw this boy running with the gazelles in 1945. The word spread and people started looking for this kid…

But he ran so fast that it was impossible for people to catch him!

7. Kamala and Amaya

Kamala was 8 years old and her sister was 12 when reverend Joseph Singh saw them.

They were living in a cave filled with wolves. To capture them, the reverend hid in a tree!

The girls only ran on all fours, howl and ate nothing but raw meat.

6. The wolf mother.

People in Mexico saw this girl in 1845. The people in the area first saw her running on all fours.

Later on, she was caught eating a goat next to the wolf pack. Since she was always surrounded by the wolves, she was never “rescued”.

5. Prava

This boy was 7 years old when police found him in 2008. He was living with his mother, a crazy lady that didn’t treat him like a human…

She was taking care of him like he was another one of her pets! He grew up surrounded by birds and couldn’t communicate at all…

4. Madina

This girl was found in Rusia in 2003… Her mother was a 23 years old alcoholic that didn’t take care of her, at all.

Madina’s only friends were her mother’s dogs… She couldn’t speak and had serious troubles with bonding with other kids…

3. The Leopard Boy

It seems like leopards wanted to adopt a human child. So, they did just that and decided to take away a 2 year old boy in India.

This happened in 1912… 3 years later, a hunter killed a pair of leopards and found 3 cubs, one of them was a 5 year old boy!

2. Ivan Mishukov

The family of this little 4 year old boy abused him. So, he decided to run away. He started begging on the streets and started hanging out with a pack of dogs!

The dogs would share their food and obey Ivan. He lived like this for 2 years until he was caught and placed in a children’s home.

1. Marie Angelique Memmie Le Blanc

This story is well documented since this little girl was the main companion of the Queen of Poland.

This orphan lived alone in the wild for years! She had several skills that made her an exceptional woman.

She was an active member of society and worked for many rich people. She only ate raw meat and fruits!