Don’t Throw That Away!… 6 DIY Tips For “Useless” Things…

Do you have some old things that you want to get rid off?

Do you have messy drawers and don’t know how to fix them?

Then it’s time to start some fun D.I.Y projects!!

Get creative and transform the old mess  into adorable creations!

Don’t worry, these little projects are fast and easy.

Here are 6 D.I.Y projects that will transform your mess into a bless!



1. Transform that old boring mug!

Decorate your old mug instead of throwing it away!

Just paint whatever you like on it! It can be some of your kid’s drawing, some flowers or a funny phrase!

Just use a sharpie and put the mug in your oven! Turn on the oven to low. You just need the ink to dry and that’s it!


2. Make a shoe organizer using some empty boxes!

Remember that old TV set box? I bet it’s thrown in your garage or closet. They can be useful once you know how to use them.

You can take those boxes and make a container with different separations. You can use some paper or paint to decorate the box.

It’s an easy option  to keep your shoes organized.

3. Turn your gloves into a funny doll!!

With only a pair of scissors, pipe cleaners, pen and thread you can make a funny doll!

Start by drawing the head. Add the ears, mouth and eyes…

Next comes the body. Add the lines for the arms. Insert the pipe cleaners.

Stitch them back together and voila! An easy, homemade doll.


4. Turn your old chopping board into an iPhone device frame!

“Oh, where can I keep my iPhone while I check this recipe?”

You don’t have to worry anymore! Just use your chopping board and add something that can bend at bottom. This way you can keep your device safe while you check on the next ingredient!


5. Make your bean bags new again!

Are your bean bags ugly from all that wear and tear? You don’t have to throw them away!

Just add some decorative leather straps on the old worn areas.

This will give your bag a brand new look all over again!

6. Make your extension cable invisible!

You don’t have to throw away all the extra beads you have lying around.

They will be quite useful in decorating your extension cable!

Just stick them on your cable to make it look like something else!


These D.I.Y easy projects won’t take long!  Don’t keep the fun to yourself, share it with your friends!