Forget About Bucky… You’re The Reason Why Captain America And Iron Man Are Fighting!

So, you’re a big Marvel Fan uh? You’ve been waiting for Civil War to premier for months and it’s finally here! But, you have no idea of what’s happening!

You didn’t watched the last movies but it all should be obvious right? NOPE! Think again! You can’t go to the movie theater without knowing what’s and why is happening.

You know they’re two sides for this battle… But,  how are you going to choose one without knowing the facts?

Before even thinking about going to the movie theater you HAVE to check this list. It has EVERYTHING you need to know about Civil War and the Marvel universe. Just imagine going to see the movie and knowing EVERYTHING! It will make the movie a 100 times more interesting. Check it out!

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1. Captain America: The First Avenger

It’s called “The First Avengers” for a reason folks. This is where it all starts….

Steve Rogers is a super skinny soldier and then he becomes Captain America and the whole Avengers series begins!

Next, Steve Roger’s biggest love (besides Bucky).

2. One-Shot Marvel: Agent Carter

Agent Carter is Captain America’s girlfriend. After the Captain’s disappearance, she continues with the troubles left behind in the first movie! This chick knows what she’s doing!

3. Marvel’s Agent Carter, S1 E1: Now is Not the End

This serie is the continuation of everything that happens in the first Captain America’s movie. But, the serie was canceled after only 2 seasons! What a bummer!

Next, some people love him… others hate him! What about you?

4. Iron Man

Iron Man and Captain America are the ones that start with the Avenge

rs initiative. Besides, the Starks are the ones responsibles for  the Captain America project!

Next, an animated option to expand your knowlegde…

5. Ultimate Spider-Man (2015), S3 E16: S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy

Before the Avengers start doing their thing, Spidey already has something going on!

Next, this man is a true super hero without any special power!

6. One-Shot Marvel: ‘The Consultant’

This One-Shot fits perfectly between Hulk and Iron Man. It gives sense to everything that happens later.

Next, this is the best animated option for you to caught up on what’s going on!

7. Marvel’s Avengers Assemble (2015), S2 E17: Secret Avengers

A secret league of Avengers appears! This is a great way of get your kids started on the Marvel tradition!

Next, green and powerful and I’m not talking about an energy drink!

8. The Incredible Hulk

Finally, our dear Hulk appears (he’s my personal favorite). Here we see Edward Norton playing an amazing Hulk! The best of all if you ask me!

Next, you never though you’ll see your heroes like this, right? 

9.Marvel’s Avengers Assemble (2015), S2 E14: Crack in the System

The Avenger’s Assemble continues but this time it uses the “Cute Attack”! Look at them Lego style!

Next, this is where things start to build up!

10. Iron Man 2

Here you need to pay attention to the conversation that Stark has with Fury, they talk about specific places in a map. One of these places is where Ultron develops his armor and Vision’s body!

Next, I bet you didn’t know this happened!

11. One Shot Marvel: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer

This is a great way of getting familiarized with Agent Coulson. See what happens to him when he tries to bring Thor’s hammer to S.H.I.E.L.D.S installations!

Next, ladies lust for him and men respect him! Guess who!

12. Thor

Thor is the first movie where we learn that we’re not alone in the universe! Thor is sent to earth by his father Odin to learn about humility. He ends up becoming an Avenger so I think the job is done!

Next, you need to follow up with what’s happening to this super hero!

13.Ultimate Spider-Man (2014), S3 E2/3: The Avenging Spider-Man Part 1 & 2

Spidey is also avenging in his own way. A few cities away from the Avengers, there’s a super hero fighting the bad guys and trying to save people and that’s him!

Next, it all starts and now you know how!

14. The Avengers

And we’re here! After everything that happens in “Thor” there’s no other place to go but here! Loki is the bad guy in this movie and his step brother has something to say about it! We all know what happens next…

… or do we? Find out what happens after the Avengers defeat Loki!

15. One-Shot Marvel: ‘Item 47’

The Avengers won the fight! But, something is lost in the battle… A chitari weapon! A girl and her boyfriend found the weapon and use it to commit some crimes!

Coming up, the Avengers can also be evil, believe it or not!

16. Marvel’s Avengers Assemble (2015), S2 E9: The Dark Avengers

Here we have an alternative version of the Justice League figthing an evil version of the Avengers. Guess who’s fault is that? It starts with an S and it ends with a taaark!

Next, one of the cutest and deadliest S.H.I.E.L.D’s agent!

17. Marvel’s Agents Of Shield (2014), S2 E5: A Hen in the Wolf House

Here we get to know secret agent Bobbi Morse. She’s the amazing Mocking Bird! This is the first time we see her in action!

Next, you better don’t touch Pepper!

18. Iron Man 3

Critics consider this movie has the best individual hero movie of all! Here Tony’s personal life gets involved in the situation! What’s he going to do to protect the ones he love?

Next, one of your favorite villains is back, can you guess who it is?

19. One-Shot Marvel: ‘All Hail The King’

This is one of our favorite villains! The mandarin is back.

This time he’s giving an interview to a reporter. This 14 mins clip works as the actual end to Iron Man 3!

Next, could you believe these 2 teamed up?

20. Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher (2014)

Japanese animation company Mad House created this. Here, we have Black Widow and The Punisher figthing some bad guys! Enjoy 🙂

Next, our favorite blonde hottie is back!

21. Thor: The Dark World

Maybe you didn’t know this…But, here we’ll have the first link between “Guardians of the Galaxy” and the rest of our heroes! Pay attention to “the collector”.

Coming up, our favorite heroes get together before fighting each other…

22. Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United (2014)

Iron Man and Captain America get together to fight a villain that can copy the physical abilities of anyone just by looking at them! It’s nice to see them working together before the big fight!

Next, these are the people that keep everything under control while the big heroes are resting!

23. Marvel’s Agents Of Shield (2013), S1 E14: T.A.H.I.T.I

Here we find out why is it that Agent Coulson wasn’t dead! This is one of the best episodes of season 1!

Next, can you guess who has returned to kill the Cap?

24.Marvel’s Avengers Assemble (2013), S1 E1/2: The Avengers Protocol Parts 1 & 2

Here, the team is back together after the events of the first Avengers movie! In this ocassion they have to deal with one of Captain America’s worst enemies!

Coming up, the person responsable for the Civil War appears!

25. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Here, new characters appear! We see Black Widow helping her buddy the Captain and a villain that happens to be a long lasting friend!

Next, these guys are like the Avengers but more awesome… Guess who they are!

26. Guardians of the Galaxy

This is one of my personal favorites! This movie is just hilarious! Here we have the collector. He’s trying to get his hands on the Orbe that Star-Lord found!

Next, forget about Ben Affleck’s version of one of the coolest super heroes once for all!

27. Darevil, the serie

This movie is a prove that Marvel is about to enlarge his super hero universe! Daredevil is one of the public’s favorite. In the second season we can see The Punisher and Elektra… We also have some references to Jessica Jones and S.H.I.E.L.D!

Next, the hottest and most powerful twins in the whole Marvel Universe finally appear!

28. Avengers: Age of Ultron

Here we finally get to see some Maximoff action! I love the twins! Marvel introduces us to The Vision, Quicksilver and the awesome Scarlet Witch!

Next, you won’t believe the size of our next super hero!

29. Ant-Man

This movie shows the events before Civil War. We have one of the smallest and coolest character in the Marvel Universe! We also see some links between S.H.I.E.L.D, The Avengers and The Maximoff twins!

Next, beware of this woman… You can fall in love and it’s going to be dangerous!

30. Jessica Jones

Krysten Ritter plays the role of amazing Jessica Jones! She’s one of Marvel’s strongest super heroes!