Luxury And Power: Top 10 Cars Men Want…

Boys love their toys. And when they grow up they become men that love their cars. Cars are the ultimate entertainment. A direct extension of our bodies and souls.

Here we give you a list of the top 10 ultimate cars for elegant men with a taste for luxury and powerful cars.

Number 7 is a must see.

1. Cheap but classy: Maserati GranTurismo S

This masterpiece first appeared in 2008 during the Geneva Motor Show.

The audience went wild after discovering that the top speed for this car was 183mph.

For only $150,000 you can buy this beautiful dream car.  It gets you a whopping 434 horsepowers and a powerful V8 4.7 liter engine.

This beauty also comes with a 6-speed sequential semi-automatic transmission with transaxle layout.  47% front and 53% rear weight distribution.


2. Amazing design to attract the ladies: Porsche 918 Spyder

This car is  the future of sports cars. It has twin electric motors with an engine that produces 887 horsepower.

Its battery is able to take you as far as 12 miles before its empty.

This piece of art is available in the market for a price around $848,000.


3. The mysterious blue devil: Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1

A sixth generation of the popular Chevrolet Corvette.

This car was causing a stir before it was even released.

A worker at a shipping company took pictures and released them to the media. Other auto publications began printing rumors.

One thing is for sure….

This car is a head turner.


4. Excellent performance and luxury: Bentley Mulsane.

Its roof, hood, fenders, front splitter and rocker moldings are carbon fiber.

A roaring V8 engine has the capacity to store 6.8lts and produce 638 horsepower.

The Musulane boasts a top speed of 205 mph. It’s super light.Weighs only 1.5 tons.

The true gentleman’s car.

This unique model has a twin turbo V.8 engine that stores 6.75 lts.

It has one of a kind rear wheel drive. And even though it weighs 2.6 tons it’s head snapping powerful and fast.

It’s yours, with a starting price of $306,000.


5. British Luxury: Aston Martin Rapide

This magnificent car was first introduced to the public as a concept car in 2010. Don’t be fooled by the 4 door model. This car is style on the outside and on the inside.

On the inside, it has leather seats and a powerful music system. It also has an excellent cooling and heating system. On the outside, it has a V12 engine of 5.9lts and 470 horsepower.

You’re going to love this car even more after knowing that you can get it for only $201,000 upwards.


6. Italian masterpiece: Ferrari 458

This beauty was first introduced at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

This car is the official successor of the Ferrari F430. Featuring a brand design, it features Formula 1 technologies.

It has a V8 engine like the one found in the Ferrari/Maserati F136. It stores 4.5lts and it’s capable of going from 0 to 60mph in 3.3 seconds.

You can get it for $237,000.


7. Light and yet strong and fast: Lamborghini Aventador

For over 12 years Lamborghini has been making the legendary V12 engines. This car is one of the best of them.

It has carbon fiber monocoque with aluminium front and rear frames. Also, it features an engine bonnet, movable spoiler and side air inlets.

It weighs  only 1.5 tons.  And its blazing fast top speed is 217 mph.

Its V12 engine can go from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 2.9 seconds!

You can get it for $400,000. Why not get two 🙂


8. The legacy of the seventh generation: Chevrolet Corvette C7

This car has one of the best engines in the market.

It has 3 new impressive characteristics…

* active fuel management

* direct injection

* and variable valve timing.

It’s V8 LT1 engine has a capacity of 6.2lts.

This is not a car to use during a family vacation. It’s built for speed.


9. Hybrid sports car: Honda NSX

This car is the successor to the original NSX produced in Japan from 1990 to 2005.

It has significant advances from the first generation.  It features a twin-turbocharged 75-degree DOHC 3.5L V6 engine that produces 500 bhp.

Some people describe this car as an American muscle car in an European exotic car’s body.

You can get it fully loaded for $205,000.


10. Its name says it all: Jaguar XF Premium Luxury






This car is, in one word….majestic.

Features include …

Auto-dimming mirrors, a turbo-charged engine, leather seats a stop-star transmission among other goodies.

It can reach 149 mph and the price is great. You can get it for between $45,000 and $95,000.