Remember These 17 Rockers From The 80’s? What Do They Look Now? Our # 1 Pick Will Shock You…

It doesn’t matter who you are or the type of music you liked to listen to. If you grew up in the 80’s you know these bands and their songs.

In the 80’s rockers reinvented their masculinity and adopted a stylish and sometimes even feminine look.

Glam Metal was born! Band members started using tons of makeup, big ridiculous hair, and tight weird outfits. We all know them affectionately as hair bands.

Women were crazy about different artists like Tommy Lee, Sebastian Bach or Axl Rose. These men were total hotties at the time! But, things change and people get older.

Are you ready to see some of the most famous hair bands today? Forget about the makeup and the hot bodies, it’s a different story now!

Our number one pick is shocking. If your jaw doesn’t drop then there is something wrong


17. Motley Crue (Then)

Motley Crue was the biggest rock band during the 80s. Their live concerts were on everybody’s bucket list. Who doesn’t remember Tommy Lee’s drum roller coaster? He made it look so easy. But did you know Lee isn’t a big fan of heights?

This heavy metal band really enjoyed being glam during the 80’s.  These guys were the official “bad boys”. They represented the stereotypical rocker. Remember hits like “Girls, Girls, Girls” ? Their videos were iconic at the time. Looking back, they don’t look so manly, do they?

Are you ready to see how they look now?


Motley Crue (Now)

Thank God they all look better! Surprising given their hard partying ways. Tommy Lee even enjoyed another 5 minutes of fame after his sex tape with Pamela Anderson.  Their bad boy image lives on.

All the bands while touring claim their end is near. But Motley Crue it’s true. They signed a cessation of touring. Which means they are definitely not going to tour anymore. So if you want to see them one last time, you should buy a ticket to one of their shows.

Check out  Vince Neil in the next photo. What a change…

Vince Neil (Now)

Speaking about their bad boy image, here’s a photo of lead singer Vince Neil. This was taken right after he was released from jail. Compare this to Vince’s old photo. Big difference, right?

Neil is known for being a great vocalist during the 80’s. But did you know he’s a big reality show and TV star? You can see him playing a tattoo artist on CBS sitcom “Still Standing”. He has participated in several reality shows such as “The Aviators” and “Skating With The Stars”.

Coming up, this band loves pies. Can you guess which band we’re talking about?

16. Warrant (Then)

This glam metal band turned “Cherry Pies” into everyone’s favorite dessert with their sexy video starring Bobbie Brown! This band’s lead singer was considered hot and the ladies were crazy about him.

Did you know the album “Cherry Pie” sold 2.5 million copies? It was a big hit. The band experimented with Pop Rock and Hard Rock, but Grunge took over the stage. I guess people wanted to see more plaid shirts than long hair and shiny costumes.

This is how he used to look…

Jani Lane (Then)

Blonde hair, blue eyes. A dreamy bad guy!

Who doesn’t remember his tight pants and soft hair? All the guys wanted to have his job. He was the pretty face of the band and he knew it. But the reality wasn’t that pretty. The members of the band kicked him out two days after his birthday. Can you believe it?

He was the vocalist of a hard rock band and his songs sold 10 million records… The results?  His partner, Steven Sweet, ended up working low-wage jobs.

But now take a look at him 20 years after his golden era…

Jani Lane (Now)

I bet you didn’t know he married three times. His last marriage lasted 9 months. It’s weird because they were separating when he died. I think his death left more questions than answers.

Sadly, Jani Lane died in 2011 at the age of 47. Unfortunately, sometimes those hard rocking days catch up to you.

Next, Deep Purples’s former lead singer goes from hard rock to hair band…

15. Whitesnake (Then)

David Coverdale formed Whitesnake after separating from Deep Purple. He broke our hearts but Whitesnake gave us some great singles like: “Here I Go Again” and “Is This Love?” Do you remember those awesome Whitesnake videos?

Who didn’t have a cassette Whitesnake songs playing? Who didn’t wear the band t-shirt for days? Everybody was into the band.

But do you know the origin of the band’s name? David Coverdale had an albino ball python while he was in Deep Purple. When he left the band to start with Whitesnake, he thought of his cold blooded friend.

Wanna see how this former glam-band looks now? Click next!

Whitesnake (Now)

Thank God they left those awful jackets behind! What a difference, right? Some of the original members are gone, but they keep on rocking!

They look better now. It’s ridiculous how good they look after all those years. At least they changed they wardrobe.

Whitesnake is rocking better than ever. These guys still love touring and playing live. Their last album, The Purple Album, debuted at #84 on the Billboard album chart.

Next, our favorite model starred in their hit song, “Here I Go Again”.

Check her out…

Tawny Kitaen (Then)

The subject of many men’s fantasies during the 80’s.  Tawny’s poster hung on many guys walls.

What’s art without a muse? What’s a rockband without a smoking hot model? That’s right, pointless. Whitesnake knew they were on the right path when they had Tawny Kitaen as their muse. She was the definition of sexiness during the 80’s.

You won’t believe what she looks like now…

Tawny Kitaen (Now)

Sadly, everyone has to age. Even models and fantasies. Sometimes plastic surgery isn’t a good idea. Better to age gracefully.

In 2006, she appeared on “The Surreal Life” and “Celebrity Rehab”. But, to us, she will always be the hot girl on Whitesnake’s videos.

I still think you’ll find our # 1 pick more shocking…

Coming up, the band that took makeup to another level! They look better with the makeup on I think. What about you?

14. Kiss (Then)

Did you know “KISS” wasn’t the original name? Before their name was “Wicked Lester”. They even recorded an album with that name. Can you believe that?

But after Ace Frehley joined the band, they debuted as KISS. Thankfully they changes that name.

This band used to terrify people during their shows! The weird makeup and the fake blood made the audience scream. They’re one of the biggest rock bands in the history of rock. In fact, there still touring now.

Wanna see how they look now?

Kiss (Now)

When this band took the makeup off the world was in shock. Gene Simmons the lead singer is known for selling Kiss memorabilia. There are even Kiss coffins. Do you think they look better with or without the makeup?

KISS rock and roll doesn’t seem to have limits. In 2015 they collaborated with a Japanese band.  It was the first time for KISS to release a collaboration CD with another artist.

Next up, remember this one arm rocker?

13. Def Leppard (Then)

Def Leppard was a huge band! Their album “Rock Of Ages” is a classic and people were shocked when they found out that their drummer had only 1 arm.

They know each other from high school. Did you know their first concert was in a high school gym in their home town in England? Only 6 people went to it. They used to smuggle beer by hiding it in the drum kit.

Guess how they look now. Check it out…

Def Leppard (Now)

This awesome band continues to rock. They even released an album in 2015. Can you believe it?

Def Leppard has 11 studio albums, 2 love albums, 4 compilation albums and 50 singles. Their last album debuted at #10 on the Billboard chart. If you haven’t heard them, watch their live concerts first.

Next, check out what the greatest rock drummer looks like now…

Rick Allen (Now)

Here is their incredible one-armed drummer. He lost his arm in a tragic accident but that didn’t stop him. One of the best drummers in rock music. What an inspiration.

Everybody knows him for playing the drums with one arm. But did you know he learned to play when he was 15 years old? He also dropped out of school when he was just 13 years old.

We’ve seen some interesting transformations so far but nothing compares to our shocking number 1 pick…

Next, Are they hard rock bad boys or ladies?

12. Cinderella (Then)

They obviously use more hair spray than most ladies. Check out the hair and makeup. Even the name of the group was a bit feminine. Despite their crazy hair styles, Cinderella was a leader of the hair band era.

Those guys had a better hair than many girls back in the day. They were the lords of glam rock. But did you know how everything started? They were playing in a bar and Jon Bon Jovi was in the audience. Jon Bon Jovi loved them so much he helped them get a contract. The rest was history…

So do they look more manly now? Check it out and let us know what you think…

Cinderella (Now)

Thank Goodness they changed their style. They look like serious rockers now. This band still makes music and fans are waiting for their new album.

They still have long hair and you can still hear them play live. In 2013 they played on the Monsters of Rock Cruise along with Tesla, Kix and Queensryche. You can check out their website to check out one of their concerts. Still rocking after all these years.

Coming up, this band looked a bit tough and caused quite a riot. Can you guess who?

11. Quiet Riot (Then)

“Cum On Feel The Noize” and “Metal Health” are some of this band’s hit songs. This band was part of the hair band era but had a tougher look to them. They didn’t look “feminine” like the other glam metal bands.

Leather jackets and long hair was Quiet Riot’s signature. Their hits were anthems during the 80’s. But I bet you didn’t know at least 23 musicians played in the band.

Are you ready to see how they look now? This picture is so cute you won’t believe it’s true…

Quiet Riot (Now)

Who didn’t sing  “Cum on Feel the Noise”, loudly while driving your car? Apparently, everybody in 1973 did. Here’s a cool fact for you… The British band, Slade, recorded the song first. Do you feel you were living a lie?

On a different note…

Awwwww! This picture is so cute. Just look at them now. Even rock stars grow up and have families.

Cool transition, right? It doesn’t compare to our number one pick…

Next, this band’s lead singer is named after a famous german composer! Can you guess who he is?

10. Skid Row

Do you remember this band’s lead singer? His name was Sebastian Bach. Lead singer of Skid Row.  He was named after famous German composer Johann Sebastian Bach. Quite a name to live up to.

They were so close to opening for KISS. Can you imagine opening your favorite band’s concert? Sebastian Bach was about to live the ultimate fan dream. But they had to cancel it because the rest of the band members were busy. I guess Sebastian didn’t live that dream after all.

Check out how he used to look…


Sebastian Bach (Then)

Bach was only 14 years old when he went on his first audition. Can you believe that? The band, Kid Wikkid didn’t know his age. He got the job of lead vocalist but he still had to tell his father. Sebastian convinced his father but with one condition: he had to live with his aunt.

This is how he looked back in the day.  The ladies loved him! Wanna see how he looks now?

Check it out…

Sebastian Bach (Now)

He looks good, doesn’t he? Seem the rock-n roll life was good to him. He was Skid Row’s lead singer for 10 years. Now he’s focusing on his personal projects. Still rocking all these years later.

Back released several solo albums. In fact, he was born to performed on stage. He even tried his luck in Broadway. He acted in “Jekyll and Hyde”, “The Rocky Horror Show” and many others. He’s not just a pretty face.

Coming up, this band is my favorite! Their lead singer has a big mouth. Can you guess who we’re talking about?

9. Aerosmith (Then)

Aerosmith is a band with a long history of great hits. With big hair and a lead singer Steven Tyler the biggest mouth in rock. Literally. Songs like “Cryin’ and “Walk this Way” and Dream On helped them become world famous. They’ve been cranking out iconic hits since the 70’s.

The release of a new album is always stressful. But when a huge star releases his album on the same day, you should worry, right? January 5th, 1973 was a special day for both Aerosmith and Bruce Springsteen. Both dropped a new album on the very same day. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a big deal because neither of them had a good first day. I don’t think it hurt either of their careers. Do you?

Ready to see how they look now?

Aerosmith (Now)

Some of their hair got a bit shorter but they are still cool.  They’re still touring and packing stadiums all these years later.

Did you know Aerosmith greatest hit isn’t in an album? That’s right because it’s on the “Armageddon” soundtrack. “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” is the king of karaoke songs.

Does Steven Tyler look the same? Take a look…

Steven Tyler (Then)

This is how Steven looked back then. He was the epitome of a rock lead singer. A wild man on stage. Always fun to watch.

That weird boy with huge mouth was about to change the course of history. We are used to see him wearing eccentric clothes and reaching high notes. But I bet you didn’t know he hunted animals when he was a kid. He used to hunt and trap when he was a young boy.

Check him out now…

Steven Tyler (Now)

Still the ultimate rock star, but now he’s a Grandpa!

Steven Tyler is still living the dream. Check out his life… He meditated with Dalai Lama. He hugged koala bears in Australia. Disney World is his favorite place ever. He can hold his breath for 2 minutes. Steven Tyler is Superman with tight jeans.

Some rockers age well. Others not so much. But our # 1 pick blew me away. Keep watching to see what you think…

Next, this band’s guitar player is considered to be one of the world’s best in the world. Can you guess who he is?

8. Van Halen (Then)

Did you know that this band’s original name was “Mammoth”? Thank God they changed that because Van Halen sounds way cooler, don’t you think? The group was started by Eddie Van Halen. His incredible guitar riffs changed the rock world. Eddie is thought of as one of the best lead guitar players to live.

The epic guitar solos are Van Halen’s gift to the world. A single riff was enough to make everybody get goosebumps. I’m sure if you have seen them live, it’s one of your favorite memories. But I bet you don’t know how many singers the band has performed with. Take a guess.

If you’re thinking of 4 singers, you’re correct. Just the cream of the crop: David Lee Roth, Sammy Hager, Mitch Malloy and Gary Cherone.

Here is what he used to look like…

Eddie Van Halen (Then)

Do you know how everything started? Eddie used to travel from Pasadena to San Pedro to learn classical piano. His tutor was a friend of his mother. For Eddie, music isn’t just guitar solos.

Just look at that guitar playing God! There’s nobody like Eddie, but can you guess how he looks now?

Check him out now. Do you even recognize him?

Eddie Van Halen (Now)

What a change, right? He looks like a distinguished old man, right? He’s still cool and rocking. Eddie Van Halen still is one of the world’s best guitar players.

The band is one step away from being an all-family band. Alex’s nephew, Wolfgang Van Halen is the god of bass. Wolfgang replaces Michael Anthony. They just need one more kid in the band. Music and rock and roll is a family business.

Eddie Van Halen may look like a cool grandpa now but he’s one of the best guitarists of all time. At least that’s what Rolling Stone said. Eddie is the #8 of Top 100 guitarist. All music said he was only second in guitar ability to Jimi Hendrix.

Now, If this surprised you at all then you have to see the amazing transformation of their lead singers…

David Lee Roth ( Then)

He wasn’t just a pretty face. He was the mastermind behind many of the bands crazy ideas. He told Eddie and Alex to change the name of the band. He suggested Van Halen and the brothers agreed. Their previous name, “Mammoth”, was left in the past.

If you grew up in the 80’s you know David Lee Roth.  Many of us remember him singing “Jump” or “California Girls”. He was considered “hot” by many young girls and women.

But wait until you see what happened to him…

David Lee Roth (Now)

Shocking right? Would you have guessed this was David?

He keeps performing and singing. He was born to rock. But did you know he worked as an Emergency Medical Technician? During the 2000’s he found his second calling: helping people. He said it was “the perfect job”.

While shocking, It still doesn’t compare to our number one pick. Check it out and let us know what you think…

So how did the “other” lead singer from Van Halen fare? Check it out…

Sammy Hagar (Then)

Sammy Hagar has curly hair, a peculiar style and an amazing voice. He was Van Halen’s lead singer from 1985 to 1996. I bet you have no idea what he did before singing. He used to be a boxer before becoming a rock musician. He used to train and fight back in the day. But he found his passion in Rock and Roll.

Sammy Hagar replaced David in 1985. This upset some die-hard Van Halen fans. Others thought it was an awesome move. Which camp are you in… David’s or Sammy’s ?

Let’s see if Sammy aged better than David…

Sammy Hagar (Now)

We think Sammy wins, hands down. He still looks cool after all these years. Do you remember his solo hit… “I Can’t Drive 55” ? If you grew up in the 80’s chances are you had your windows rolled down and this song blasting at some point.

Sammy Hagar is a simple man with two simple passions: music and cars. After leaving Van Halen, he started a solo career. He composed many songs and his greatest hit was “I can’t drive 55”. He also likes to drive fast cars. Sammy Hagar and Gene Simmons are both INDY Car Series racing fans.

By the way, Sammy is also super smart. He started a Tequila company from scratch and ended up selling it for millions of dollars.

Coming up, this band had the best singer-guitar player duo. Can you guess who they are?

7. Poison (Then)

Poison was a great band in the 80’s. Even their name was cool. With hits like “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”, it’s no wonder everybody liked them.

Maybe you know the band’s first name was “Paris”. But I bet you didn’t know why they changed it. Do you remember “This Is Spinal Tap” Well, somebody wore a “Paris” t-shirt on the movie?  Of course, the band didn’t like it. Since then, they use the name “Poison”. “Poison” is definitely a cooler rock band, right?

Let’s take a look at how these cool rockers look all these years later…

Poison (Now)

Still looking good, aren’t they?

They reunited for their 25th-anniversary autobiography, “A Shot Of Poison.” After that, they started touring like the good old days. They performed for the last time in 2012.

Their lead singer was Bret Michaels who used to look like this…

Bret Michaels (Then)

The lips, the eyes, and the hair, wow!  Bret Michaels looked prettier than some girls.

Brett Michaels can’t live without two things: Rock and Roll and insulin. He’s suffered from type 1 diabetes since he was six years old. During the 80s, he had to go to the hospital in the middle of a show. He certainly wasn’t the typical rock and roll singer.

Can you guess how he looks today? Click on the next slide to find out if he’s still considered hot…

Bret Michaels (Now)

He’s not so bad. Ladies are still crazy about him. His reality show, “Rock of Love” showed that women still chase him.

Did you know he won “The Celebrity Apprentice”? He’s not just a pretty face. He knows how to get things done. When he’s not busy with his pet accessories business, he’s composing songs. Yes, we said pet accessories.

Now, are you ready to see how another Poison member?

See how CC DeVille, used to look and how he changed.

Keep on clicking to find out…

CC DeVille (Then)

CC was a great guitar player and his white hair used to be his trademark.

Did you know his real name is Bruce Anthony Johannesson? He was a child prodigy from Brooklyn. He learned how to play the guitar at the age 5.

So what happened to all that hair?  Click on the next slide and get ready to be shocked…

CC DeVille (Now)

I don’t know why some rockers have such a horrible sense of fashion. His wardrobe could sure use some help.  CC still keeps his hair white and keeps on rocking. Time to cut it or leave it? What do you think?

His guitar riffs were killer. When he was Poison’s lead guitarist, the band was unstoppable. He could play glam metal and hard rock with ease. He used to party as hard as he rocked. Things are a bit different now. He has been clean and sober for several years.

Keep going to see if you agree with our number one shocking transformation…

If you like roses and like to be surprised, you have to check out the next band…

6. Guns & Roses (Then)

Guns & Roses were one of the biggest bands of the 80’s and the 90’s! With hit songs like “Welcome to the Jungle” and “November Rain” this band had the world in the palm of their hands. Even if you weren’t a metal fan their rock ballads were all over radio.

The band’s first tour was a disaster. Their car broke in the middle of the road. They hitchhiked for 40 hours to Seattle. They missed many shows and played with borrowed amps.

Everything worked out for them. They are the definition of success. Their first album sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. But it didn’t last long. The members started to leave and everything collapsed. Only Axl Rose stayed.

Axl Rose, the lead singer was considered hot.

This is how he looked back in the 80’s…

Axel Rose (Then)

We know him for his sexy moves on stage. All the guys wanted to be him during the 80s. But guess what Axl did to survive before being famous… He joined a medical study to get some cash. He had to smoke all the cigarettes he could for $8 an hour. Can you believe that?

He was so dreamy. His long hair and blue eyes made every girl weep at the sight of him. At his concerts, it was not uncommon for panties to be thrown on stage.

Sadly, things are so different today. Get ready to see how much this rocker changed…

Axel Rose (Now)

This man broke my heart. He became the poorly dressed, overweight, weird version of himself. I want the 80’s Axl back, but I know it isn’t happening.

Axl Rose gained several pounds throughout the years. He doesn’t look as handsome as before, but he still got it. He signed a contract with AC-DC. He’ll be the lead singer for the band. But that privilege came with serious conditions. One of them is to lose weight for the tour. Can you believe it?

Axel is not the only memorable member of this band. Guns and Roses lead guitarist Slash was a wild man.

Let’s see how he turned out…

Slash (Then)

I think Slash used to call David Bowie “Daddy”. Slash’s mom was a prolific fashion designer. She dated the British artist for a while. Maybe Bowie saw Slash’s talent early on.

Check out all that hair. Slash was a crazy good guitarist but one of the wildest rock stars on our list. Slash is well known for his hard partying ways… and that’s an understatement.

Let’s see how his hard partying ways aged him…

Slash (Now)

He looks the same to me. Given how hard Slash parties this is amazing. Maybe all the alcohol is preserving his body. Then again we can’t see much under all of that hair.

Slash is a big fan of snakes. He owns over 20 snakes. The animals occupy several custom cages throughout his home. He’s an example of an eccentric rocker.

Next, the only band that actually pulled off the glam look. The big hair, makeup, and tight clothes looked awesome on them… Can you guess why? The answer will make you laugh…

5. Vixen (Then)

Do you remember this all girl group? This glam rock and hard metal band were the only all-female band that made achieved considerable fame in the 80’s. It’s hard to be a rocker chick in a business ruled by men, but these girls didn’t care.

Who said girls couldn’t rock too? Vixen is living proof that rock is sexy. Did you know four of their songs were on Billboard Top 100 Songs? Brett Michaels and Sebastian Bach and the girls from Vixens had the prettiest hair in the 80s.

Are you ready to see how these ladies look nowadays? Take a look…

Vixen (Now)

These ladies look even better than they did in the 80’s, don’t you think? Women do get better with age.

In 2012, Jan Kuehnemund planned to reunite the band. When they were about to start the tour, Jan was diagnosed of cancer. Sadly she died 9 months later. The band plans to record a new album to honor Jan’s memory.

Coming up, Nobody wore more makeup than this man in the 80’s! Can you guess who he is?

4. Twisted Sister (Then)

Their songs were pure anarchy. People tended to lose control over their songs. Did you know their fans demolished four clubs at the band request? Several clubs in Long Island, New Jersey, and New York were destroyed by the fans. After those incidents, security staff began checking fans before each show?

Dee Snider was the lead singer of Twisted Sister. The clothes, the blue eyeshadow, the hair, was all too much. Dee Snider was the nightmare of every parent. Kids of the 80’s were rocking out to hits like “I Want To Rock”. His videos were very cool back then. Remember the video where Dee as a school kid defied his teachers because all he wanted to do is Rock?

Are you prepared to see how he looks nowadays? Take a look…

Dee Snider (Now)

Dee Snider looks like a grandmother drag queen. Maybe he should try putting that makeup back on. What do you think? He’s an awesome singer and a fun part of our memories from the 80’s.

Dee Snider left the band, but not the microphone. He has hosted radio shows and performed as a voice actor in video games. His voice is so iconic, he’s even the narrator for some music specials on T.V.

This is a scary transformation but again we think you’ll agree it doesn’t compare to number one…

Coming up, this band’s members looked more like ladies than any other on our list. Are you ready to see who they are?

3. Ratt (Then)

Did you know the band’s name was supposed to be an acronym? “Rock All The Time” was the original name. When they shortened it, they forgot to add the periods after each letter.

What a name, right? Just take a look at those expressions. Ratt was huge in the 80’s with hit singles like “Round and Round” and “Wanted Man”. Many of their albums having been certified as gold, platinum, and multi-platinum.

Wanna see how these people look today without the ugly clothes and the makeup? Get ready…

Ratt (Now)

They look like serious rockers now. That 80’s glam hair style and makeup had to go. This band keeps on touring around the states with different members. Fans have been waiting for a reunion with the original members but it seems like that isn’t going to happen.

The band members don’t get along today. In 2016 Pearcy, Croucier and Demartini took control of the Ratt name. Blotzer sued the band members for not using the name of the band correctly. What a mess, right?

Coming up, the real bad boys of this list. This is the only hair band that didn’t wear makeup, can you guess who they are?

2. Metallica (Then)

Did you know Dave Mustaine was the first lead guitarist? That’s right, the Megadeath vocalist was in Metallica. After intense fights, Mustaine left Metallica and formed Megadeath in 1983. Today, the problems are in the past. By all reports, they are good buddies again.

This band was the only one to maintain their masculine looks and don’t apply makeup. But, they still had gorgeous hair!

Ready to see how they look now?

Metallica (Now)

Metallica is a big boys band now. They’re still touring around the world and enjoying fame. Love them of hate them they are talented musicians which have kept them in the spotlight all of these years.

Metallica has sold over 100 million records around the world. In 2008, five songs from the album Death Magnetic were on the Billboard Top 200. In November they released their last album Hardwired. In just a couple of hours, the album was one of the most sold albums of 2016. Metallica is like wine. It just gets better with age.

Are you ready for our number 1 pick? This before and after shocked me…

1. Alice Cooper (Then)

Alice Coopers started performing at a high school talent show. He won the talent show and started playing in local clubs. They even opened concerts for The Byrds and The Stones.

Alice Cooper’s career is now over five decades long . His show features guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood, deadly snakes, baby dolls, and dueling swords, Cooper is considered by  to be the “The Godfather of Shock Rock”.

So what does this shock rocker look like now? Be ready to be stunned…

Alice Cooper (Now)

From shock rocker to grandpa. He looks nothing like his scary rocker image, does he?

Alice Cooper is the lord of darkness and golf. He’s a hardcore golfer. The Sex Pistols always make fun of that when they can. I wonder if he has a black golf cart with bats accessories?

It’s fun to relive our past and see how people we grew up with in the 80’s turned out.

Let us know what you think.