Top 5 Unusual Yet Delicious Ways To Make Coffee…



Cup of Jolt!

Whatever you call it, we all love it.

Through the years, coffee became a drink that none of us could resist. In fact, did you know it’s the third most consumed beverage in the world?

In some countries, it’s almost a law. You must drink a cup of coffee at the end of every lunch and dinner. This is a big proof that there’s a whole culture surrounding coffee.

Coffee is a multifaceted beverage. Take it hot, cold or even in your ice cream. Combine it with toppings, flavorings, and other ingredients. Everything goes and expert coffee drinkers agree that it offers a range of complex flavors.

The aroma, body, and acidity of coffee are addictive. For those who haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Coffee is amazing.

Are you stuck in a Coffee routine? Drinking the same old cup of brew every day? Here are 5 little known, yet delicious ways to change your drinking coffee rituals!

Give them a try!

(I love number 5).


  • The easiest way to make coffee? Coffee Teabag

Yes, that’s right. You’re probably thinking “how come I didn’t come up with this?”. It’s simple and practical. Just put coffee in tea bags. Do it yourself or buy them ready to go. It’s your choice.

If you want to use your favorite bean, search DIY Coffee Bags and you’ll find easy instructions. Please, do not use instant coffee. You’ll lose a lot of flavor. If you wanna make your own coffee bags you just have to:

– Grind coffee beans. The smaller the better.

– Pour the coffee into small tea bags. Make them or buy them online.

– Seal it with a stapler and a string. And you’re ready.

The best part is convenience. Take them with you anywhere.

Coffee on a hot day? Try iced coffee

Here’s an easy way to make this delicious and refreshing coffee:

– Make your favorite brew. Let it cool. Pour the coffee into ice trays and then freeze it.

-The result will be mouth-watering ice cubes you can use in two different ways:

One: Drop them into your coffee.

Two: Make java milkshakes. Blend your coffee cubes into your favorite smoothie.

You can also experiment a little and make changes until you have your perfect cup. Try this: combine your iced coffee with chocolate and ice cream.

Also, if you’re feeling adventurous, give Irish Coffee a try. You can do it just by adding Irish Whisky, sweetener and whip cream to your regular cup of coffee.


  • Unfiltered Coffee… Sound Crazy? Try Turkish coffee.

If unfiltered coffee gives you the creeps…. hang on for just a moment. Turkish coffee is the oldest way to make coffee. Is it the best? Try it and decide for yourself.

Here are the instructions:

-Don’t use an ordinary home grinder. You’ll need a grinder with a Turkish setting. You can buy at your local store. Most grocery stores have a Turkish coffee setting right on their grinders. Just select the “Turkish Coffee” setting and grind your beans.

– Once you have your Turkish setting on, heat up the water.

– Add 1-2 spoons of coffee for every 3 oz. of water.

– Add sweetener but do not stir yet.

– Once the coffee starts to sink then stir it fast. You want it to foam.

– Don’t allow the water to boil.

– Let the coffee foam and settle several times.

– Pour and enjoy.


  • It’s not a French Press, It’s an Aero Press.

The Aero Press looks like a French press… but it’s not. The filter in the French Press is at the top. Since coffee floats, grounds clog the filter and makes pressing and cleaning difficult.

If you use coarse ground coffee on a French Press this reduces the amount of flavor that’s extracted from the bean. This requires long steeping times which makes the coffee bitter. Yuck.

Aero Press coffee is micro-filtered. It’s pure and particle-free. You can make espresso, lattes, and Good old American Java. Try this with the French Press. And here’s a great benefit. It’s so compact you can take it with you.

The best for last…. Can coffee invented in 1830’s be the best?

See for yourself.


  • Can a Vacuum Make Coffee? … Vacuum pot.

Coffee on a stove? Hang on to your hats because this one is good. This weird device is a vacuum pot invented in the 1830’s. It brews your coffee using steam.

Two things make this coffee superior:

1. Even brewing temperature.

The water never boils. The temperature stays the same. Yet with most brewing methods you lose some heat during the process. Even temperature means better tasting brew.

2. All grinds are in contact with the water the same amount of time. Not so for most “average” methods.

These two things create even more brew. It makes a great tasting cup of java. You should get one just to look cool around your friends.

If you want to be one of the coolest coffee snobs around, this one is a must have.